The Three Peach Trees By darby manning

In a large peach grove, there were three peach trees that were good friends. One bore delicious fruit, one had beautiful petals in the spring, but one was just an average peach tree. It bore fruit, of course, but it was often just good, and wasn't something wonderful. It's leaves, too, were average; just plain white-pink, and people did not go by and marvel at the beauty of its colors like they did to its friend.

Though the third peach tree wasn't as beautiful or as useful as the other two, they were all three still good friends, and then spent lots of their time talking while waving in the breeze. Their lives were peaceful, and as spring passed they kept to their usual schedule of talking and waving in the breeze, but their fruit began to stop growing on the branches of the trees as winter took hold.

Everything was going accordingly until the farmer arrived. He noticed that the third peach tree had stopped bearing fruit early, and was not as beautiful or as full of fruit as the other trees were. "Hm. I must sell this tree; it is not worth as much as the others to me," thought the farmer, "besides, I will make good money off a peach tree that bears fruit and grows flowers, even if it isn't as sublime as the others."

So the peach tree was uprooted, which cause it deep sorrow, for it did not want to leave its friends and the grove behind.

After it was uprooted, it was sold to a woman at the market, and the peach tree was moved again from the market to the woman's garden at home. The garden was lonely, and the peach tree became sad during its first week at the woman's home.

At the end of the week, three children came to the peach tree that was planted in the woman's garden. They gave the tree company and they relaxed in its branches and ate half of what was left of its fruit

Though its fruit was gone and some of its branches broken, the tree truly felt appreciated by someone, and anticipated the children (whom he later learned were the woman's children) to return and play in its branches.

The little boys and girl returned almost every day, and days flew by as the siblings and the peach tree spent countless days together. Soon the peach tree learned to love how it looked and what of fruit it bared since the children loved it so.

Years and years passed, and when the peach tree became old, and the children became to large to be held in its branches, it was a sad day. The tree was sad for a while until the mother who bought the tree began to visit it every day, filling the place of the children who loved it so.

Soon the tree became near death, but it had lived a simple and happy life filled with long-lasting friendships and peace and happiness. It felt that it had succeeded in its goal (though the tree didn't originally know its goal) of becoming happy with itself, and it was ready to die.

"When I was cared for and loved, I finally enjoyed how pink my flowers were and how ripe my fruit was; I was happy when I finally learned to start appreciating myself. Others followed my appreciation in myself, and soon I became very happy in this woman's garden," thought the old tree, as it began to wither and its fruit began to drop off for the last time and all the beautiful white-pink flowers drifted to the ground. The very old woman stood by the tree, touching the tough trunk and thinking how glad she was to have such a faithful and good peach tree in her life.

Though the peach tree died, its stump later became a reminder of how other trees and people like it can love how they are if they are cared for and appreciated by others.

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