John & Maria Bring it Home - Madison, Minnesota

“I don’t think I really appreciated how nice it was to grow up in a small town until I moved away, got married, and started thinking about having children of my own.”

Born and raised in Bellingham, Maria Nolte lived in several different cities, along with her husband, John, before returning to the area she grew up in to settle down and raise their family. John is originally from Owatonna and met Maria in 2005 when they were both attending Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota in Winona. Maria and John have three girls and have made a home for them in Madison.

The Nolte's love being able to walk to the parks in town, visit the library, and swim at the pool. Living only a short distance from the golf course, they frequently walk there also to play a few holes. They are grateful for the minimal traffic of a small town that allows them to do all this with their children safely. The Notlte's were able to purchase a lot to build their dream home that they could do for a fraction of the cost it would be to build in the metro area.

John teaches Physical Science to ninth graders at Lac qui Parle Valley High school.

While he enjoys working with his students in the classroom, he says it is especially rewarding to see them around town and watch as they find their place in the community.He is happy to be a part of that “welcoming, supportive, and close knit” community himself. He always looks forward to and is impressed with the community turnout every year for Dragonfest, the Chamber Block Party, and other town gatherings.

Maria is a broad-spectrum Family Physician in Madison. She sees patients of all ages in the clinic, hospital, emergency department, and nursing home. The day-to-day variety of family medicine and really getting to know patients, from a medical and person standpoint, are some of Maria’s favorite aspects of working in a small town.

Dr. Maria Notle
“I get to take care of whole families, from kids to grandparents, and it’s fun to be able to see and hear all the history of those families. It’s also nice to be able to acknowledge that you watched them in their sporting event or saw their name in the newspaper for something. That provides a level of trust that I think is unparalleled.”
With their busy work lives, Maria and John are grateful for the great daycare in Madison. Their girls attend a home daycare, which has become like a second home.

The community has been very receptive and supportive of the Nolte’s move to Madison. They noted that community leaders and members have reached out to them to ensure they felt welcome, something they don’t think would happen in a large city.

“It gives you a sense of belonging to a community that I don’t think you experience as much in a large community.”

Because of the great support they have received from the community, they are active in the community and enjoy supporting it in any way they can. They enjoy being able to say hello and chat with people they pass on the street or in the grocery store aisle.

The Lighted Holiday Parade and Santaland is the family’s favorite event to attend in the area and one of their favorite activities is hiking at Lac qui Parle State or County Park. They also enjoy spending time at the movie theater and pool. Their list of benefits and favorite things about living in Madison could go on and on. Needless to say, the Noltes are happy they made the move to Madison.

Madison, Minnesota - Welcomes you HOME!

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