CHWARAE TEG Agile nation 2 - part 2



Together, we've raised awareness of the Chwarae Teg brand and campaigned for the progression of Women in the workplace across Wales.

From bus tours to billboards, we've started to get Women and Employees thinking about how they can #MAKEYOURSELF.


How can we get an additional 300 women and 30 business to sign up to the Agile Nation development programme in January 2017?


In 2016, our focus was on media that reached the masses as a way to quickly raise awareness of Chwarae Teg and Agile Nation 2.

This resulted in us choosing media channels such as outdoor and experiential which worked well in terms of awareness but didn't translate into achieving our sign-up targets (especially for employers).



In order to benefit from, and build upon, the momentum that the creative will have gained in part 1, we propose only subtle changes to the visual identity.

These are summarised as follows:

  • A clearer benefits-based message - we want to help women and employees understand what's in it for them by simplifying the message.
  • More personal - we've added a more personal touch in our copy to help women and employers relate to the message.
  • A stronger call-to-action - we've added a time-pressured element to the message to encourage women & employers to act, as well as an emphasis on the word 'free'. This will become more prominent/urgent as the campaign progresses.


If our focus in part 1 was big and bold in the pursuit of awareness, then we'd like to spend part 2 focussing on media channels that tackle both awareness AND engagement/consideration. We have specifically chosen media channels that are;

  • Targeted - all recommended media channels can target by location, age & gender which ensures we are getting the best value for our money.
  • Measurable - each part of our proposal is directly measurable so that we can monitor and optimise to ensure we reach our targets.
  • Flexible - a specific focus on digital channels allows us to constantly monitor performance against our targets and optimise our campaign.



This digital-first campaign has been built to be totally flexible so that we can react to campaign performance in real time. We will monitor and optimise as we go along. Provisionally, we recommend the following structure...

Launch - Launching with radio and adding Spotify as a supporting media channel, we will begin the campaign with an awareness push. Social & pop-ups will run throughout.

Maintain - Radio, social & pop-ups will run throughout the campaign with YouTube TrueView & Spotify campaigns alternating. This will achieve an ideal balance between awareness and engagement/consideration.

Close - the campaign will close with the same momentum as when it begun so that we don't see a downturn in sign-ups. In addition to the constant radio, social & pop-up elements, we will also be running with YouTube TrueView.


All activity will drive visitors to the microsite where we can track visitors and subscriptions. This will be updated accordingly with the new campaign messaging & visuals.

An emphasis will be placed on getting visitors to sign-up.


We propose creating 2-3 short case study videos showing real women who have completed the training and realised the benefits in the workplace. The videos will form the content for many of the campaigns that we propose.


We will run a YouTube TrueView campaign using our case study videos. This can be highly targeted so that when women in Wales within our selected age range are browsing video content on YouTube, they will be exposed to one of our videos (in the form of a skippable advert) before it. They will then be directed to the microsite so that we can measure visits & sign-ups.

This is a highly target, reportable & cost effective (you only pay if the user views the whole video) media channel.


As in part 1, we will continue to advertise on social media. While primarily on Facebook, we would also like to test advertising to Employees specifically on LinkedIn as this platform allows us to target those with a HR related job title. We recommend continuing with a localised message for relevance.

Social media allows us to be targeted while maintaining value for money and giving us full transparency of performance metrics (engagement, views, clicks).


Supporting radio, a Spotify campaign will capture a highly targeted online audience with our message. We can re-use the radio campaign as an audio advert and accompany this with digital adverts which will click-through to the microsite so that we can measure performance.

We've chosen this format for the following reasons:

  • We can target users by age, gender & location
  • 42% of music listening at home is done online
  • There are almost 19M Spotify accounts in the UK
  • 50% of these users are between the ages of 25-54
  • 23% of Spotify users are doing so while at work


Moving on from the bus tour in part 1, our pop-up stand can be taken into Welsh businesses to talk to both employers and employees about the Agile Nation programmes.

This personal touch will allow us to have some face-time with our target audience and we can directly measure number of sign-ups.


Important - the following costs are initial ballpark costs for the purpose of campaign budget planning. Final costs will be supplied once direction and media mix has been agreed.

  • Campaign 2 concepts / ideas - £1,260
  • Design and development - £1,680.00
  • Copywriting (includes copywriting for all Marketing communications including radio scripts & video storyboards) - £1,100.00
  • Radio production (includes recording, editing & production of 2 x 10" scripts & 2 x 30" scripts) - £1,700.00
  • Case study videos production - £5,200.00 (includes recording, editing & production of 2-3 x 20" videos)
  • YouTube campaign - £4,000.00
  • Spotify campaign - £5,000.00
  • Social campaigns - £1,000.00 (Facebook and a LinkedIn test)
  • Microsite development - £560 (to refresh the look & feel of
  • Pop-up campaign - £2,000.00 (includes exhibition stands & branded t-shirts & assumes Chwarae Teg employees will be used)
  • Project management - £1,500.00


We have created a campaign which builds on the project identity introduced in part 1 of the Agile Nation 2 campaign.

While the campaign continues to focus on awareness, we recommend a greater focus on engagement/consideration via personalisation & targeting in part 2.

Each media channel has been chosen with measurability and value in mind. As almost all channels are digital, this gives us complete flexibility and freedom to constantly monitor performance and optimise our activity in each area. We can divert our spend accordingly as we move through the campaign and understand which levers are proving to be most effective.

We are confident that this approach is the ideal progression from part 1 where we built a strong foundation to take us into 2017.

Finally - we would recommend that if successful, BLAH and Chwarae Teg meet to discuss and finalise direction, activity and budgets ASAP.

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