Collisions and Energy By:Winona

When it goes up it is potential energy. Kinetic energy is when the roller coaster goes down.

Types Of Energy

There are 2 types of energy. One is Potential energy and the other is Kinetic energy. Potential energy is stored energy. Kinetic energy is released energy. In class, when Ms. Gahl lifted the car it was potential energy. When Ms. Gahl released the car it was kinetic energy.

When the red car hits the yellow car it is a collision.

Energy In Collisions

When our car went down the ramp and hit the wall it was a collision. During the collision it made a sound energy. When our teacher lifted the car up it was potential energy. When she let go of the car it was kinetic energy.

Usually when a car has a lot of weight it goes faster.


Our car did not really have a lot of weight so it does not have a lot of energy. Other people may had more weight and so maybe they had more energy. The more energy, the more weight the car has. The more weight the car has, the more sound energy it has when it hits the wall.

This is our car that we built.

Changes to vehicle

When we started to build our car we made some changes. sometimes I thought we did not really put a lot of weight. In class, I remembered that the more weight you have the more energy you get. At least we added a little more weight.

This is our egg. These are the cracks in the egg.


When the car went down the ramp there was a sound when the car collided with the wall. When we saw our egg ,it cracked.

A paper of improvements.

Improvements For Next Time

Next time I think maybe we could make like a box and put the egg inside. Another idea I have is maybe we could make the fence or wall more strong so the egg will not crack. I know I should do this because in class I learned that we should put more weight and protect the egg more.


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