Down the Danube Europe 2018

After traveling over the European continental divide, we continued on our 700 mile journey from Amsterdam to Budapest. On the way, we passed through the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Hungary. One stop along the way was Nuremberg. In the place where Hitler gathered his legions, they were cleaning up after a large rock and roll festival. Even though the shadow of the earlier use was still present, it was reassuring to see that no matter how powerful a party or their followers may seem at the time, eventually justice and dignity win.

At times, the bridges were low enough to require you to duck on the deck. No OSHA inspector on board.

Not much room for error. If you tap on a photo you can see higher resolution.

We took a detour from the river to visit the town of Salzburg. This was about a 2 Hour drive and as you may recall was the birthplace of Mozart and the location for filming the “sound of music.”

Salzburg, Austria

In the town of Melk we visited an 1100 hundred year old Abby. We were not able to take photos inside the monastery but it was breathtaking. Ancient books and paintings from the middle ages were stored and protected by the the monks and on display.

The abbey at Melk

Vienna is splendid. We went to a chamber orchestra concert while there. There is way too much to describe.


Of course the food all along the way was nice.

A selection of pastries

Our final destination was Budapest, Hungary. On a previous trip, it seemed a little run down but it was much improved this time. It is very impressive what high standards of living most of our european friends have with full employment, medical care, and free education. They make a much stronger investment in the general welfare than we do with profits going to the wealthy in our free enterprise system.

Budapest with a little rain

Well folks, that is all for now.. we will now be busy adapting to the 7 hour time zone difference.

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