Big Love E.C. Glass Theatre's 40th Season, September 30-October 2

Glass Theatre and EC Glass Orchestra Present


By Charles Mee

Based on Aeschylus' The Suppliants

Director: Allison Daugherty

Chamber Orchestra Director: Gina DiCarlo

Technical Director: Erin Foreman

Director’s Note

Welcome to Glass Theatre’s Fortieth Anniversary Season! This year, we celebrate by inviting our alumni actors, directors, theatre tech professionals and guest alumni teachers to share their talent, love for theatre and life experience with our Glass students. Please join us throughout the year!

Our tradition continues. Tonight we’re going way back, starting with Charles Mee’s Big Love, originally presented in the studio theatre in 2000. This modern adaptation of an Egyptian tale is a Greek classic and believed to be the oldest ever written in the Western world. The story of The Suppliants by Aeschylus is over 2000 years old, yet the content still plays in the news and the big questions still go unanswered. We live in a world in which forced, arranged marriage is still practiced and many girls still fight for influence and control in their lives.

In 2021, the nature of true love and its survival still baffles us. Our cast and crew has spent 5 weeks diving into Chuck Mee’s raucous, poetic life questions about the true nature of love in all its forms: sisterly, brotherly, romantic, loyal, traditional, non-traditional, new and long-lasting. Mee asks the big questions: How can anyone tell another who to love? Who has it easier, men or women? Does the end always justify the means?

Thanks for joining the mayhem! Tuck your feet in, sit back, and enjoy this unusual ride. Be sure to join us for I Hate Hamlet, directed by beloved founder, Jim Ackley on October 21, 22 and 23rd. Above all, we thank you, our generous and loyal Lynchburg community, for your enthusiasm and support for our Glass Theatre students.

Allison Daugherty

Big Love, 2021-2022


In Order of Appearance

Lydia - Lilly Wood

Giuliano - Elijah Smith

Olympia - Jules Hamlett

Thyona - Kayla Stanley

Bella - Elizabeth Plucker

Piero - Toby Bradner

Nikos - Toby Hutchison

Constantine - Andy McCormick

Oed - Trevor Perdieu

Leo - William Jarrett

Eleanor - Maddie Durie

Brides - Lavaughan Anderson, Taylor Jones, Alaena Seigler, Ella Feitshans

Grooms: Orion Meyers-Ramirez, Wyatt Moore, Morgan Cook

Lydia - Lilly Wood

Sophomore. Glass Theatre credits: Kate in Oklahoma. Other credits: Ancestor Bride in The Addams Family, Babbette in Beauty and the Best Jr (ACOA), Grace in Annie Jr (Dunbar Middle School). Lilly enjoys playing with her dogs, guitar, and sleeping in class (don't tell her parents!). If you enjoy live music, you can also see her around Lynchburg in Lilly Stargazer Band. The website is https://www.lillystargazer.band/.

Guiliano - Elijah Smith

Junior. Glass Theatre credits: Simon Stimson in Our Town, Bishop in The Heart of Robin Hood, Ike Skidmore and Dance Captain for Oklahoma. Other credits: Billy in The Day is Past and Gone (Poplar Forest), Phillip Morgan in Candlelight Tours (Old City Cemetery), Chief Tui in Moana Jr (ACOA). Elijah enjoys acting, singing, dancing, and playing the Cello among other instruments. Follow him on instagram @elijah.s.smith3.

Olympia - Jules Hamlett

Senior. Glass Theatre credits: Rich Bride in The Heart of Robin Hood. Other credits: Tina in Showtime for Oscar, Annie in Annie Jr, Multiple Roles in Open Night, Bride in Once Upon a Mattress Jr. (Linkhorne Middle School). "I'm a very bubbly smiley fry obsessed weirdo, enjoy the show besties! Thank you to this wonderful cast who made this all possible. Thank you to our great director and tech director. Instagram: @nspa_jay ["fries are friends, not food" -Jules Hamlett] Have a great night everyone!"

Thyona - Kayla Stanley

Junior. Glass Theatre Credits: Gertie Cummings in Oklahoma, Mrs.Soames in Our Town, Ensemble in The Heart of Robin Hood, Portia, Miranda, and Titania in Shakespeare’s Bachelorette. Other credits: Elsa in Frozen Jr., Eulalie Shinn in The Music Man (Dunbar Middle School), Sarabi in Lion King Jr., Silly Girl in Beauty and the Beast Jr (ACOA). Kayla enjoys reading, hanging out with friends, and spending time outside.

Bella - Elizabeth Plucker

Sophomore. Glass Theatre credits: Ensemble in Oklahoma. Other credits: Mrs. Spencer in Matilda, Mother Superior in Sister Act Jr (ACOA). Elizabeth enjoys reading, writing, and community service.

Piero - Toby Bradner

Sophomore. Glass Theatre credits: Sound for Oklahoma. Other credits: Mr. Warbucks in Annie Jr, Sven in Frozen Jr (Dunbar Middle School), Eric in Little Mermaid Jr (Brookville Theatre). He enjoys producing, singing, writing, and playing music, and the color and sounds of thoughts and feelings. Follow him on Instagram @tobybradnermusic!

Nikos - Toby Hutchison

Senior. Glass Theatre credits: Doc in Leading Ladies, IQ in Hairspray, Professor in Our Town, Prince John in The Heart of Robin Hood, ASM for In The Heights, Oberon in Shakespeare's Bachelorette, Jud in Oklahoma. "Hi, I'm Toby, I'm 17, I like my friends, my family, video games, theater, and my favorite color is green. Why'd the bike fall over? Because it was too tired!"

Constantine - Andy McCormick

Senior. Glass Theatre credits: Constable Warren in Our Town, Gisborne in The Heart of Robin Hood, Macbeth in Shakespeare's Bachelorette. Andy is part of the track team and forensics team. He do be kinda tall tho.

Oed - Trevor Perdieu

Sophomore. Glass Theatre debut! This is his first stage appearance ever. Trevor takes great pride in his grades. Thank you.

Leo - William Jarrett

Senior. Glass Theatre credits: Mr. Spritzer in Hairspray, Lord in The Heart of Robin Hood, Ali Hakim in Oklahoma. Other credits: Various roles at Dunbar Middle School and ACOA. William spends his free time doing Forensics and playing in the Lynchburg Symphony Youth Orchestra. "Sometimes when I close my eyes, I can't see."

Eleanor - Madelyn Durie

Sophomore. Glass Theatre Credits: Young Laurey/Ensemble in Oklahoma, Ray in The Homecoming. Other credits: Billy in Honk Jr (LUTC) and Hortensia in Matilda (ACOA). Madelyn is 15 years old, and enjoys art, music, and Steve Buscemi. Thank you so much for coming to see the show! You can follow me on Instagram at @madelyn.d.412!

Bride- Lavaugahn Anderson

Junior. Glass Theatre Credits: Mabel in Our Town, Nun in The Heart of Robin Hood, June in Oklahomoa. Other credits include Something Rotten Jr, Frozen Jr, and The Music Man (Dunbar Middle School). She enjoys theatre, baking, and reading. Thank you Glass Theatre for everything!

Bride - Taylor Jones

Freshman. Glass Theatre debut! Other theatre credits: Alice in Alice in Wonderland (RS Payne Elementary), Yellow in Winnie the Pooh (ACOA), Young Elsa in Frozen Jr, Kate in Annie Jr, Audrey in Descendants (Dunbar Middle School). Taylor enjoys dancing and crafting however, acting is a huge part in her life that she loves doing. Follow her on Instagram @tejones25.

Bride - Alaena Seigler

Sophomore. Glass Theatre Debut! She loves to watch plays and is excited to be participating in Big Love. "Never trust the living."

Bride - Ella Feitshans

Junior. Glass Theatre Credits: Tech in Our Town, Ensemble in Robin Hood, Cop in The Homecoming. Other credits: Puritan in Something Rotten Jr., Housekeeper in Frozen Jr, and Maud in The Music Man (Dunbar Middle School). Ella enjoys music, singing, and hanging out with her friends. Thank you, Glass Theater, for being there for me especially during these times in the world.

Groom - Orion Myers-Ramirez

Freshman. Glass Theatre Debut! This is his first time on stage after getting a taste of the theatre at Embark 2021 Camp this summer. "I know that I'm joining the party late, but I really love theater and will work hard at it. Thank you to my parents, for encouraging me that it's not too late to try new things."

Groom - Wyatt Moore

Junior. Glass Theatre credits: Wally Webb in Our Town, Much Miller in The Heart of Robin Hood, Trainer in the Elephant's Graveyard, Romeo in Shakespeare's Bachelorette, Will Parker in Oklahoma. Other credits: Scrooge in A Christmas Carol, Puggsley in The Addams Family (ACOA). Wyatt loves to cook and spend time with friends and family. "Live Laugh Love" - Andrew McCormick

Groom - Morgan Cook

Sophomore. Glass Theatre credits: Curley understudy/Ensemble in Oklahoma. Other credits: The Baker in Into the Woods, Ensemble in the Addams Family, Hans in Frozen Jr (ACOA). Morgan enjoys doing theatre, singing, and computer programming.


Violin 1 - Emily Mullen

Violin 2 - Amorie Dop

Cello - Lily Jablonski


Assistant Technical Director

Ashton Lass

Stage Manager

Elizabeth Lass

Assistant Stage Manager

Yesenia Iniguez


Thomas Joslyn

Costume Team

Ella Grant

Rebecca Hocker

Lindley Crosby

Wyatt Moore

Michaela Harvey

Scenic Painting

Arnulfo Jacinto, AJ Studios

Luna Wade

Luke King

Sierra Kelly

Ava Gray Fontana

Ashton Lass

Thomas Joslyn


Ava Medina-Coleman


Ashton Lass

Set Construction

Ashton Lass

Precious Fleshman

Cooper Payne

Bradley Spitzer

Orion Myers-Ramirez

Jason Bohn

D'Quori Horsley

Lindley Crosby

Elijah Smith


Addilyn Sutton

ASL Interpreters (Thursday Performance)

Amber Dempsey

Katherine McMullen

Choreography Consultant

Ronnie Brady

Tech Crew

Ashton Lass [Assistant Technical Director, Sound Board Op]

Senior. Glass Theatre Credits: Costumes for Leading Ladies, Spot Light Operator and Set Construction for Hairspray, Lights and Set Construction for Our Town, ASM and Set Construction for The Heart of Robin Hood, Stage Manager for Shakespeare's Bachelorette, Stage Manager and Set Construction for Oklahoma. Theatre is my passion and I am so grateful that I get to be with all these amazing people!

Elizabeth Lass [Stage Manager]

Senior. Glass Theatre Credits: Ensemble and Set Construction for Hairspray, Run Crew for Our Town, Fly Rail Operator for Heart of Robin Hood, Set Construction and Fly Rail Operator for Oklahoma. Theatre is her favorite thing about school and what she wants to do with the rest of life. Thanks to my family legacy and I hope I continued it well!

Yesenia Iniguez [Assistant Stage Manager]

Junior. Glass Theatre Debut! Other credits: Finch/Supporting Actress in Newsies (Holy Cross Catholic School). Yesenia likes Fridays because they remind her that yesterday was Thursday and Thursday is her favorite day of the week. "Special thanks to the Glass Theatre Department, especially to Ms. Daugherty and Ms. Foreman for all their help and hard work with theatre at Glass."

Ava Medina-Coleman [Light Design]

Freshman. Glass Theatre Debut! Other credits: Frozen Jr and Annie Jr (Dunbar Middle School). She finds joy in supporting the arts in any way that she can and also plays the cello in EC Glass’s concert orchestra. "I want to give a big “Thank You” to Ms. Foreman and my parents for supporting me throughout this whole process. It means the world to me."

Addilyn Sutton [Props]

Sophomore. Glass Theatre credits: Snout in Shakespeare's Bachelorette, Cordy in Oklahoma, New Works 2021. Other credits: Cinderella, Annie Jr, Honk! Jr, Once Upon a Mattress Jr, Seussical Jr. (Linkhorne Middle School). Addilyn enjoys guitar and theatre. "Special thanks to my amazing family and friends!"

Rebecca Hocker [Costumes]

Junior. Glass Theatre credits: Rebecca Gibbs in Our Town. "I am a person, definately not a bunch of wedding dresses in a trenchcoat. Subscribe to technoblade on YouTube."

Ella Grant [Costumes]

Senior. Glass Theatre Credits: Vixen in Dracula, Meg Snyder in Leading Ladies, Corny Collins Dancer in Hairspray, Townswoman in The Heart Of Robin Hood, Ariel/Witch in Shakespeare's Bachelorette, Laurey in Oklahoma, Officer Brown in New Works 2021. Other credits: Belle in Beauty and the Beast (ACOA) and Alumni Assistant for James and the Giant Peach (Dunbar Middle School). Ella likes to spend time with her dog, Ricky Bobby, and doing puzzles. "Love you mom!"

Lindley Crosby [Costumes, Set Construction]

Freshman. Glass Theatre Debut! Other credits: Doormouse in Alice in Wonderland (ACOA), Ensemble in Places in Five (Dunbar Middle School). Lindley enjoys dance, baking, and hanging out with her friends.

Dqouri Horsley [Set Construction]

Sophomore. Glass Theatre Debut!

Bradley Spitzer [Construction Crew]

Sophomore. Glass Theatre Credits: Run Crew for In The Heart of Robin Hood, Fly Rail for Oklahoma. 

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