Technical - Ten Shots 52 week photography challenge

Technical; here is where the real "challenge" lies in my 52 week photography undertaking. I have only this to say, I am working on it.

I took ten times more than the required photo count trying to justify my technical inadequacy. Who am I kidding?

Photography is utterly complex when you leave the compact format or the smartphone photo-taking into the DSLR world.

Once you pledge to abandon 'Auto Mode', you are slapped to commit to the intricacies of exposure, ISO, (Increasing the sensitivity number) aperture, light, shutter speed, focal length, compensation in exposure, metering, bracketing, white balance, and many more. These are all functions that require the left side of the brain. I could use more of it!

Then, and only then, the creative juices of photography will complement your work. OMG!, what did I got myself into? Week 5 is all about being technical. Winter and exposure compensation in the cold months is my challenge. So some of these photos are taken in different sensitivity with available daylight that bounces in its reflection of snow-white. (not the princess)

The International Snow Sculpture Championships takes place every year around January 24-28 in Breckenridge, Colorado.

Competitors around the world join in creation of this amazing work of art starting with a huge chunk of snow block. The change in warmer temperatures last week left all the displayed artwork not at their best condition. The organizers shared this on their website. "It’s a reminder of the temporary nature of the artform and a small example of the challenges with which these artists are faced."

Capturing white on white left me embarrassingly exposed!
Here are two individuals who stopped to read about the artwork. Makes it meaningful.
"Civilizations, nations and even individual character go through a process of making" This sculpture depicts such making.
Model in patina metal
Mongolia - Before it's too late, protect earth from today
"The responsibility to take care of the planet is in all our hands"
Sweden 4 (Ever) Wheels Reflection
It all started with an uncarved block of snow
52 weeks photography will continue next week as I dream of snow castles
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Raja Vanathandavar

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