Growth Project: Linoleum Prints Jordan Varga

Create a linocut plate and 10+ prints that demonstrates understanding of texture, pattern, proportion,balance, emphasis and observational drawing

Parameters: Must save and use resource photos. Must choose an animal, insect or a plant on the endangered species list. Lines/shape must extend off the page on 3-4 sides. Must have overlapping shapes. Must have a variety of Line work (thick, thin, continuous, etc.). Background must be filled with 1 uniform texture.

  • Planning
  • Ideate: I knew from the start that I wanted to do an animal and specifically a bird because I like birds. I looked at endangered birds but could not find a cool or cute looking one. So, I looked at aquatic animals because they can be very unique. I knew what an axolotl was before this project which made me want to do it more.
  • Feedback: I did not know what position to do it in, a face on or a side view or if the background should be white or black to contrast against the axolotl. My team members voted on which looked best.
  • Reflection: My team members decided the background should be white and it should be a side view because it would be easier to see what it is.

In Progress Work First, I drew on the picture. After I perfected it, I started to carve out the background. When I finished the background, I started to do the finer detail inside the animal and plants. I ran into problems with going too fast and the blade would skip over my project and create unwanted gashes. I fixed this by going slower and warming the linoleum so it cut easier.

I wish I could've printed for one more day to perfect my prints. It has white spots near the edges and some lines were filled with ink because the lines were not deep enough. But I believe that you can see what is in the image.


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