Our lives depend on them

Rainforest alliance is trying to limit deforestation in Brazil they are tying to get people aware and be more sustainable like sustainable plantations, sustainable logging.

Rainforest-alience.org is trying to prevent the use of products that have cut down trees just to grow their plantations like Brazil nuts, illegal logging and palm oil all these products Rainforest-alience.org is trying to create sustainable plantations. Rainfores-alience.org is also trying to get people aware outside of Brazil by creating a website to make people more aware where these products come from and how they're affecting the Amazon.


Over the last 40 years 20% of the Amazon has been cut down due to our needs. Since 1978 over 750,000 square kilometers has been cut down and in that 39 years 4,807,692 soccer fields were cut down each year and every minute 150 acres of rainforest gets cut down which is roughly 150 soccer fields.


Some of the to critically endangered species in the Amazon are orangutan, jaguar, macaw, river dolphin, poison dart frog, black spider monkey and the sloth all these animals could become extinct from them losing their homes due to deforestation.



You can find palm oil in pretty much anything like cookies, lipstick, ice cream, detergent, chocolate and even baking oils and palm oil can can have different labels like vegetable oil, vegetable fat, hydrated palm Glycerides and plaits alcohol. But some of the companies that use palm oil like nestle are saying that they're using sustainable palm oil.



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