Your Brand, Your Products & Your Story I'm Here to Help

You probably do have a nice brand with good products or services. You must have a story or two. Even if these things are just so-so, the way you tell them makes the world of difference. Yes, I am one of those whom you call consultants. I prefer to simply describe myself as a helper. I am here to help your brand, your products, your story, and YOU.

I have spent much of the last decade creating and marketing brands and products for a small family business in beauty and personal care space. Now I am helping others. Maybe I can help you, too.

Take a look at some my recent works below. — Moto Okawa

Refreshing "LA Fresh"

CPG Skincare

A busy entrepreneur wanted an effective makeup remover to take along her travels — zipping and zapping coast to coast, promoting her single-use hand towel business. She looked around and found no makeup remover satisfactory. So she did what any of us will do in that situation. She made her own!

Marrying the need for a portable and convenient makeup removing solution with her know-how of manufacturing wet wipes, she created the first generation La Fresh makeup remover wipes in 1997.

Through the years, La Fresh evolved from a disposable makeup remover to a hospitality staple, then became travel-friendly personal care in 2007, and took on a clean 'n' green pursuit in 2010. In 2018, it was time once again for the refresh.

Branding & art direction by Brandettes and yours truly. Design by Adam Grason. Photography by Woods & Co. and LiSH Creative. Social media by Woods & Co. Courtesy of Diamond Wipes International.

Filling the Hole with "Ma Quila Dona Donuts"

D2C Food & Beverage

As workers hurried to their factory jobs every morning, a Japanese man and his Mexican business partner in Baja California wanted to bring American-style donuts to the street.

Serving "Hero Wipes" to Real Heroes

B2B Packaged Goods

Sometimes, the stars align. It felt as though everyone was all the sudden talking about preventive health measures for firefighters. Many wipes came and went. Hero Wipes stayed.

Developed with science and first-hand accounts from veteran firefighters.

Brand concept & art direction: Yours truly. Design: Chris Edwards, Henry Tsou. Public relations: Brandettes. Photography: SoWen Studio. Courtesy of Diamond Wipes International.

Empirically tested for performance and efficacy, Hero Wipes won INDA (inda.org) 2018 World of Wipes Innovation Award.

Touch of "KARUILU"

D2C & B2B Homeware

Your home isn't quite it without a little privacy that elegantly separates your private life and the outside.


Photo credits: LiSH Creative, SoWen Photography, Allie Smith & Kari Shea

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