The Worst Summer Job John Marenic

The days were filled with boredom, disgust, and worst of all, spoiled meat juices.

A summer of spoiled meat juices summarizes Adam Gerber's past three months.

For many high school kids across the country their summers include summer jobs, but nothing compares to Gerber’s job of taking out the trash and washing dirty dishes of a popular deli in North Carolina. The days were filled of boredom, disgust, and worst of all, spoiled meat juices.

Gerber is just a normal high school student with the drive to save and make money, and he will deal with trash, dirty dishes, and meats if he has to. It wasn’t Gerber's first time working a summer job. In fact he had worked at the same deli the summer before, the only difference is this year he didn’t know what he was getting into.

Gerber cleaning urinal's

Curtesy of Adam Gerber

Gerber was surprised when he found out he had a new manager, who was passive aggressive. Gerber would ask her simple questions and she would respond with snarky answers. Along with a new manager, Adam also had the duty of taking out the trash. Although all of this sounds disgusting, he put aside his dignity and went on to make his money.

The trash bags had holes in them and spilled all the trash on to Gerber every day.

He tells me how he expected to just clean the dishes, like the year before, but this time he had to take out the trash, which doesn’t sound too bad right? Wrong. The five to ten trash bags a day had holes in them and spilled all the trash on to Gerber. The spoiled meat juices leaked onto Gerber's new shoes, and all over his apron. Not only did juice spill, but so did the lettuce and other toppings, which meant he had to pick up every piece he dropped on his way to the dumpster.

Although this job was one of the worst for Gerber, he stuck through it to make some money and gain some job experience for his future. It was a risk that Gerber was willing to take, and as for advice Gerber says "Do what you need to do".

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