ORC Operative Readiness Course.

The purpose: The Operative Readiness Course, or in its short name - ORC - is a unique 5 day program which is designed to compress several training related topics into one program and one week. The objective is to either refresh or develop solid foundations of basic skillsets and procedures on the individual level.

Whats on the menu ? Different weapon handling, Small Unit tactics, CQB, injured shooter and so on compressed into a 5 day program....Below are all the infos you may need to know.

Technical info.


  • Every day starts at 0900 until 2100 (day dependent, read below)
  • Day 01 will begin at 0900 Hours. arrival a day before is possible.
  • Final training day ends at 1700 Hours.


Bullet count : 1000 bullets (9mm & .223)

Days of training : 5

Course price : 1500including :

  • Carbine (Hk416 / Glock 17, incl. optics, magazines,slings,etc)
  • Training gun for SUT day & Force on Force
  • Ammunition for the entire course
  • Accommodation (showers, beds,kitchen, WIFI etc)

Without rental equipment or accommodation : 1000€


DAY 01

Dynamic Carbine - During the day.

  • Introduction to BRM & Zeroing
  • Preparatory & Ready positions
  • Carbine manipulations
  • Stoppages
  • Contextual Shooting in movement

Small Unit Tactics - During the Evening.

  • Theory in classroom
  • Introduction to formations,field craft,etc
DAY 02.

Dynamic Handgun -During the day.

  • Introduction to the basics
  • The Draw
  • Preparatory to ready positions
  • Handgun related manipulations
  • Stoppages
  • Contextual shooting in movement

CQB - During the Evening.

  • Theory in classroom
  • Introduction to the methodology
  • Room Anatomy presentation
DAY 03.

Small Unit Tactics - Morning to afternoon.

  • Practical follow up from the theoretical lessons.
  • Hand signs
  • Tactical formations (open to compressed areas)
  • Crossings of dangerous areas
  • LOAs (pairs to full element)
  • Reaction to contact
  • Breaking contact
  • Patrolling

SUT - Evening into the night.

  • Repeat of learned topics in Low light conditions
  • Scenarios
DAY 04.

Advanced Carbine & Handgun handling.

  • Multi Threat engagement
  • Contextual shooting in movement
  • Shoulder Transitions
  • Weapon transitions
  • Shooting from covers
  • Movement between covers
  • Introduction to injured shooter (one hand manipulations)
DAY 05.

CQB & Graduation

  • Shooting in compressed environments
  • Weapon flow
  • One man basic room clearing
  • Two man basic room clearing

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