World-Wide Women HOw people celebrate 'women's day' around the world

Hand in hand, there is nothing a woman or girl can’t do. Just like anyone, women and girls have power. They can bring this out even more on a day called, ‘Women’s Day’, which takes place on March 8. You may have heard about this event, and you might have even participate in some of the events, but how do people in other countries celebrate, ‘Women’s Day’, compared to the United States?

Since this event is world-wide, there is bound to be many countries that celebrate this day. From looking at the website, ‘International Women’s Day’, mainly every country celebrates this event! Some popular examples are Canada, the United Kingdom, Colombia, and Australia. What do they do in those countries?

According to the site, 'International Women's Day', it says, "International Women's Day sees thousands of events…" This shows that, 'Women's Day', is truly a popular event! In Toronto, Canada, women and girls there host many exciting events, one being a singing concert performed by Penthelia singers, which are choirs with women in them. In London, United Kingdom, women and girls there have a free dance workshop, where they are allowed to learn how to dance for free. It may seem like something little, but to women and girls there, it’s like their leading action!

Looking into Bogota, Colombia, there, they host a mentoring walk, which is basically like a walk to raise women’s and girls’ ambitions. Finally, Sydney, Australia, have women and girls take part in 3 on 3 basketball matches! They do this prove that they can do anything that men and boys can do.

So why do we celebrate these fun events? The world wants more of women and girls to take action, and these activities help bring those women and girls to achieve their dreams, sort of like a boost of confidence. Like the activities above, these are also some other ones that are well-known, "... global gatherings, conferences, awards, exhibitions, festivals, fun runs, corporate events, concert performances, speaking events, online digital gatherings and more." (also from, 'International Women's Day') With more women and girls in the world, the better goals we can achieve together. Women and girls aren’t part of the world, they are the world.

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