Newborn Prep Guide

Your new baby has arrived, you have set a date with your photographer, now here are some helpful tips to ensure we get the most out of your session.

  • Newborn sessions take between 2-3 hours.
  • It will be hot in my studio, I turn the heat up before you arrive and I also have a heater in use during session. Babies hate to be cold and most of the shots are of them naked. A warm baby is a happy baby. Please be warned that you may get hot as well so please wear light clothing.
  • We will get parent and sibling shots out of the way first so please come ready to go. After these are finished it is advised that siblings are taken home as they will become bored in the small studio for the next 2 hours that the newborn shots can take.
  • Your baby needs to be fed as much as possible during the 12 hours prior to your session. This will allow them to sleep as deeply as possible.
  • Play and interact with your baby to keep them awake for 1-2 hours prior to your session. A good tip is to bath them and keep them naked. This will ensure they are very sleepy while they are here.
  • Please try to moisturise your baby’s skin during the days leading up to session, I have found QV bath oil (used in bath) really effective and a moisturiser of your choice.
  • Please don’t feed your baby until you get to the studio. This works best because if you feed your baby before you come here they will start their sleep cycle while in the car seat. If your baby is formula fed please bring additional formula and bottles.
  • Dress baby in loose fitting clothes to avoid any lines on the skin. Avoid onesies or anything that we have to pull over the baby’s head. Button or zip through jumpsuits work best.


  • Drinks and snacks for yourself and older siblings.
  • LOTS of nappies
  • Wipes
  • 2-3 blankets to wrap baby in between sets
  • Dummy (ESSENTIAL!) even if you don’t want to use one for your baby, buy one just for the session. It’s needed during the shoot as sometimes baby just wants to suck for 2 minutes while in a pose and will fall back asleep.

If you are including photos of parents/siblings into your session then please keep clothing simple. No plaid, patterns or logos. Feel free to wear whatever colour scheme you like. Both light and dark work well. I like softer colours but the photos are going up in your home, not mine. Little girls in dresses and little boys in jeans and solid t-shirts or singlets are a good place to start. Bare feet are good as well.

Please feel free to ask any questions via facebook, phone or email prior to your session. I look forward to capturing some beautiful memories for your family.


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