Seneca Falls Convection By karissa maritn

A railroad system and mills were built and opened up many world markets for good and manufacturing in Seneca Falls .

New factories were built and the village grew .

In 1831 the area became officially known as village of Seneca Falls and the mayor was Ansel Bascom.

The manufacturing skyrocketed for shipping goods.

It opened up new possibilities for females

It was the first opportunity for women to work outside of the house.

Women became to make their own wages but discrimination immensely grew.

Females made less money than males.

married women had to give up their money to their husbands .

The women could not buy land execute contracts.
As women could not vote they were taxed without representation.

Tension rose in Seneca Falls

The problem in Seneca Falls started The first meeting to discuss social , civil , religious conditions and right of women was the beginning of the women rights movement in the United States .

Seneca Falls Convection caused changes in the United States. It caused change by many things with women rights. It created the first opportunity for women to work outside of home. Much discrimination came out of this for women.They earned their wages but were paid less than men and could buy and property. They were also unfairly taxed due to the inability to vote.All of the discrimination led to the first meeting of women's right and started the women's rights movement of the United States.

Created By
Karissa Martin


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