Peacock on 34th street Little miracle

A miracle, by definition is “a surprising and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is therefore considered to be the work of a divine agency”. With this definition in mind, what constitutes a miracle? Do miracles only concern the cases of beating the odds? Can only terminal cancer patients that have beaten cancer, or blind men that can suddenly see have the right to call their events miracles? This very question is answered in the first stanza of Molly Peacock’s Little Miracle when she says, “No use getting hysterical. / The important part is: we’re here. / Our lives are a little miracle.” (1-3). Miracles it seems, can be the smallest events. Contrary to small events childbirth, although not supernatural, and certainly no cause of divine agency is considered a wonderful miracle among the human race. “our inner lives are a miracle” continues Peacock in Little Miracle “Ours is the miracle: we’re here” (15, 19). These two end lines, although simple, encompass the celebratory feeling of mankind’s mortality, and the freedom that a finite existence gives.

A similar message about human potential, rather than celebrating mortality is also present in Peacock’s Little Miracle. In the second stanza, she tells us that “ it’s always like that. The oracle / a human voice could be is shrunk by Fear. / Our lives are a little miracle” (4-6). This line stands out to the reader as it not only addresses our fear of morality and the unknown, but tells us of all the wonderful, miracle like things a human life can become. Not only is Peacock telling us not to worry, but she is also telling us to seize the day, to realize the limitless possibilities we have in our lives because of this gift of mortality. Is a miracle a supernatural event? Sometimes it can be. However, when we can enjoy the miracle of life, when we can let go of the fear of not succeeding, the fear of death, we can truly understand what it means to be alive.


Created with images by Doug Kline - "Debbie Reynolds Auction - Edmund Gwen "Kris Kringle" Santa Claus outfit from "Miracle on 34th Street"" • - "The Fault In Our Stars"

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