Origins of Christianity- Starting out as an off shoot of Judaism in around 324 C.E early Christians were usually patronized until the Roman Empire formed into the Holy Roman Empire. Christians focus on the Afterlife and resurrection of Jesus Christ. As titled in the Holy Bible, this writing is called the New Testament. On December 25 Christians celebrate the birth of the Messiah, and on April 16, they celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Afterlife- Christians believe that sinful and unholy lives suffered in Hell and that if you were true to god and relived yourself of sins then you would live up in Heaven. But while these souls are waiting judgement for Heaven or Hell, they lie in a sort of in between state called Purgatory. This concept of Purgatory is mainly believed by a branch of Christianity called Roman Catholic.

Holy Book- The Holy Bible, which was mainly written by the Four Evengelists or Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, is the writings of all things Christianity. The Old Testament mainly focuses on the origin and backstory of Christianity, while the New Testament mainly focuses on Jesus Christ being the Messiah and his followers known as the Twelve Apostles.

Branches/Sects- There are many different sects of Christianity including: Maronites, Protestant, Roman Catholic, and Russian, American, Greek and Armenian Orthodox. The Main branches however are Roman Catholic, Protestant and Eastern Orthodox.

Zack Lehmacher & Joe McKeough

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