Reflection of ePortfolio


The most interesting part of this ePortfolio process was getting familiar with various artifact tools. As I created my own portfolio, I have realized that artifacts are significantly impacted to make an effective portfolio. For instance, when I shared my ePortfolio with group members, I noticed a big difference between the page with artifacts and without it. The page with artifacts was nicely and fully organized so it grabbed the attention well, but the page without it was boring to read. On the other hand, citing and referring the sources were the most challenging part. Although I have learned it in high school, there were few opportunities to use. But, through the experience, I clearly know how to put citation and reference for the sources because wherever I found information, the reference should be indicated on the bottom of each page. Besides, practicing citing sources was actually helpful in Chemistry course. In the “Formal Lab Report” from last week, there was a reference section for the lab information and I easily use the same reference format that I have learned in ESLA class.

This is my chemistry lab report that I used reference. I didn't struggle with using reference because I already have learned how to put reference in ESLA class, which I saved time alot.


The second part of the research is the most proud of part because I spent a lot of time to work on this. Since I was looking for a specific information in academic books, my reading and writing skills are well-improved. Scanning, catching main idea, and paraphrasing are the most difficult area that I significantly need to practice but now, I feel comfortable with these abilities through this process. Moreover, “Prezi” that I used for this page, is the one of the best work. This was my first time to use, but it is successfully done, and it looks professional and nicely organized for readers. Thus, I won’t change anything since I am very satisfied with my work that I have made effective visual aids as much as I put a lot of effort in it. For the future ESLA 1900 students, I would like to encourage trying not to procrastinate ePortfolio assignment. I understand it is a bit annoying work but I realized it is definitely going to be worth it in the future.

This is my best artifact tool, Prezi, that I have used in the research page.


I think the technology is useful for language learning with respects to ePortfolio. For English as second language students, they can learn English within a better conditions as the technologies became more general in daily life. For instance, second language students have used to bring a thick dictionary book about 10 years ago, so they were limited to study. However, students in the present, they can just use an online dictionary and it can even save time to search certain words. Besides, feedback for the ePortfolio from Peggy was very effective technology for students. Not only just feedback video, but the posted video on CuLearn is also useful as well. When class was running out of time and Peggy still needed more time to explain something, she posted video on CuLearn and I actually listened for extra-explanation. Even for the feedback video, I watched it and I edited some parts that she recommended to me; I really appreciated to Peggy for the specific feedback. Thus, it is benefit to have both technology and language learning.

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