Sumo The liFe of sumo wrestlers

Japanese sumo wrestling is an important part of Japanese traditions as sport has been around since A.D858 it has become popular through out the years.Before every match wrestlers sip sacred what'er and throw purifying salt into the ring.the referee dresses like a Shinto priest.A Shinto shrine hangs over the ring .When wrestlers enter the ring they clap thier hands to summon the gods.In ancient times sumo was preformed with sacred dancing and other rituals on the grounds of Shinto shrines.

Japanese sumo wrestlers eat a balanced diet of chanko.chanko refers to the food eaten by sumo wrestlers. It includes stews,Chinese food,sashimi and deep fried food also rice with curry and hamburger steak. Sumo wrestlers eat two meals a day, having breakfast at around 11:00am and dinner at about 6:00pm .Sumo wrestlers it more than three times the average man.

Sumo wrestlers ranking system is from lowest to highest.The wrestlers wear different coloured outfits to show thier ranking.sumo wrestling get payed on thier proformece once they go up the rankings.

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