Sanjeet Singh PhOTOGRAPHY

Artist Statement: My style of shooting of photography is definitely going to be taking photos of landscapes and natural things. My philosophy is just i love taking photos of nature because it nowadays is the only natural thing we can find.

I chose this because this photo is easily one of my favorites, it also took the most time for me to edit. This stands out because I really made the color a difference in this photo and changed the outlook of this photo. This was inspired to me because i saw that the framing was very good. 4.5, 1/1000,1000
I chose this picture as one of my top 5's because it was so similar to the famous photographer i copied. This stands out because i kind of got a good grade on this photo. I was inspired to take this photo because of my famous photographer. 4.0, 1/1600, 100
This was one of my album covers that really was kind of unusual for me so that is why i used this photo as my top 5. It stands out because it was just so much different than any other photo i took. I was inspired to take this photo because i needed a better grade in here. 8.0, 1/250. 100
This photo was really chosen by me because i remember all the funny ideas Brendan and I had to take '"phobia" photos. I chose this one out of all of em because it was just scary and intense. I was inspired to take this photo just cause i really liked the fact that it was a "phobia" photo. 4.0,1/600,100
This photo was chosen by me because i really took a lot of time to edit this to make it look like this. This stands out to me because a photo of a lot of color and editing. 4.5,1/60,320
Multi image
First photo ( rule of thirds)

My photography has improved but not much nut my editing has improved. My placement of where i take pics. Subjects i take pics on. and what i take pics of has improved.

Resume :

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