Descriptive Writing. By Alfonzo

Introduction: Once there was a man that had the world on his shoulders. I heard he was so great that people bowed down to him. Everyone thought he was dead until this day. He is alive. Oh sorry, I forgot to mention his name. His name is Alfonso Dela Cruz. Alfonzo means Noble and ready, Dela Cruz means Off the cross. He is the greatest person to ever live.

The Cross

Paragraph 1: I am from the great land of Philippines. The Philippines is 90% in poverty and I am from the 10% that has a little bit of money. The Filipino flag has four different colors. These colors consist of white, red, blue and yellow. The white and yellow is for liberty, Equality, and fraternity. The blue is for peace, truth, and justice. Then the last one which is red is for Valor and Patriotism.

Philippines Flag

Paragraph 2: I am sure you are wondering what the greatest man in the world does for his hobbies? Well, let me give you the answer to that question. He loves to watch the most realist show in the world.... WWE! My favorite wrestlers are Finn Bálor and Shinsuke Nakamura. I also love playing basketball.


Paragraph 3: I go to Papatoetoe High school. Pap high is in Auckland New Zealand. At Pap high, we have four houses that we represent. The four houses are Kauri, Rimu, Pohutakawa and Kowhai. Those words basically are Maori words for Blue, Green, Red and Yellow. Pap High is an alright school, But I went here because this school is good at basketball.


Paragraph 4: My plans for the future is to be a good basketball player and a good farmer. I got inspired to be a farmer when my sister told me that her friend was rich from selling off cabbages. It may sound very simple but it is very hard to make good vegetables and fruits. Even though I have no idea how to make a normal plant. I aim to be a very rich farmer in the future.


Conclusion: Overall I just want to be successful in the future and not get welfare to pay for me. In the future, I hope I get rich and still be good at basketball at the same time. And if the farmer plan doesn't go too well. I aim to be an NBA Player. To conclude I just hope my plans for the future goes well. And if the farmer plan doesn't go too well. I aim to be an NBA Player.



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