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The reason I chose a monkey is because they are adorable and my favorite animal. They often act like people, probably because they’re pretty smart. They run about 34 miles per hour! That is awesome for a monkey. I always get called a monkey because I run fast and I like to climb everything! Keep reading to learn more facts about monkeys.

There are currently 264 known species. That is a lot of monkeys! There are two different “sets” of monkeys. There are Old World monkeys which live in Africa and Asia. The other “set” of moneys are called New World monkeys which live in South America.

The monkey’s diet is pretty gross to us! Their diet includes roots, insects, fruits, and herbs. The monkeys don’t seem to specific on what they eat! Although they have a gross diet they still often act like us. They beg for food by holding their hand out just like we do sometimes!

Have you ever wondered where all monkeys live besides the zoo? Well, they live in forests, grasslands, high plains, and mountain habitats. Some monkeys live/stay on the ground. While other monkeys live/stay up high in the trees. They usually are in Africa, Asia, or South America depending on which world they are.

They have enemies just like we do, but their enemies try to eat them! Their enemies are leopards, jaguars, cougars, hyenas, crocodiles, alligators, and lastly jackals. Monkeys get chased by the big cats, and dogs! Sometimes birds can be their enemies, but I have no clue when. Their defences are throwing sticks but if that doesn’t work then they attack as a large group!

I hope you learned some new facts about monkeys from my outstanding report! What I learned is they can run up to 34mph! I mean that’s pretty fast for a short-legged monkey. Now you know how many species of monkeys there are remaining/known, their habitat, their diet, their enemies, and lastly their defences.

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