Big Game Gone Wrong By: henry wesemann

My head hit the ground hard. I couldn't even move. My vision started to turn to blackness as my head started spinning. Finally, I gave in.

The light shone bright onto the field, the crowd cheered as they waited for us to run onto the field. In the middle of the field, the Super Bowl 52 was painted on.

It all happened so fast, they scored early and often, jumping off to a 25 point lead at halftime.

But on the first play, my wide receiver got wide open because the guy guarding him fell down. But as I threw the ball, someone came from my blind side and delivered a vicious hit just after I threw the ball.

On the very first play, i tried to run the ball but i got absolutely demolished by the other teams star defensive player,

Eventually, as I waited in the locker room to hear my fate, my kneethrobbed, and hurt so much i almost passed out. Then, the doctor came in with the news i had prepared for. A torn ACL.

The beeps of a machine woke me up inside. I looked around, only to see some random machines and medical supplies.

“I need backup, stat!” called a voice from down the hall. The doctor sprinted out the door and to the next room.

As he walked in, he threw me a shirt that said, “Super Bowl Champions”. I was in disbelief. “What happened?” I asked. He said “ Your team came back and won. Now go back to the locker room, they're celebrating without you.”

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