Syabab MPP Hatiku merayu rindu

When the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) entered the City of Madinah, the blessed people of Madinah welcomed him - with the warmest of welcomes, praising the Praised One - with a melodic nasheed, that we all know as Tala' al Badru 'Alayna (The Full Moon rose over us)...

مرحبا يا خير داع

Welcome you (oh Rasulullah) who call us to a good way

Music has an inevitable effect on the soul, be it corrupt or beautiful. And through singing praises of the Blessed Prophet (pbuh), will undeniably lead us to the beautiful.

May we be closer to him, strive in following his path to Allah SWT's pleasure, may we witness his beauty, one day, just like the people of Madinah... inn shaa Allah.

Hatiku merayu rindu

Kasihku padaMu syahdu

Munajat hamba padaMu

Mengharap kasih sayangMu

Carilah ilmu mengenal Allah. Tanamkan takut neraka Allah. Sampaikan harap surga Allah. Carilah keridhoan Allah.

Rinduku ya Rasulullah

Padamu ya Habibullah

Walau tak pernah bersua

Cintaku tetap membara

Rinduku ya Rasulullah

Padamu ya Habibullah

Engkaulah buah hatiku

Engkaulah kekasih Allah

Alangkah indah pribadimu. Tidak tergambar mulia akhlaqmu. Engkaulah Rasul pilihan Allah. Kaulah rahmat seluruh alam.

My heart is loving You

My heart is just for You

Knowing You Allah

I will try to get close to You

Let us find the way to know God

Feel the torches of hell-fire

Think of pleasures of paradise

Find the way to get Allah's love

Hatiku merayu rindu

Kasihku padaMu syahdu

Bertemu Allah yang esa

Menjadi idaman kalbu

You don't need to have the perfect pitch.

All you need is that voice straight from your heart.

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