Good Life Tour of the Harn By hannah daduya

Medium of the Art/Technique of the Artist

Seeing the artwork in person made me better understand and appreciate the work. In the picture shown below, the artwork behind me looks like a picture; however, in real life, you are able to see each line of the art in detail. I found it this one so striking because there is so much going on in this artwork. Because of the different aspects and colors, you get to appreciate the smaller parts of the art. It communicated to me the hard work the artist must have put in to produce this kind of art. The artwork made me feel like time was not an issue, especially through detailed work like this one. Each stroke and move has already been planned.

Design of the Museum

I liked how the Harn Museum separated different types of artworks in different rooms with a variety of wall color. It was easy to navigate through the museum; however, you could easily get lost as well because of the multiple wings. Walking around the museum, I passed by the ceramics part and saw a huge window that showed a garden from the outside. I thought it was beautiful and it added to the aesthetic of the museum. It was a cloudy day as well so it also gave the gloomy vibe inside the museum, which for me made the experience so much better. The lighting, use of space, and the arrangement of art definitely contributes to the appeal of the exhibit. When taking pictures with the artworks, I realized that the lights were tilted a certain way so that your perspective of the art is at its best, but made my forehead shiny and bright in pictures.

Art and Core Values

The "Helmet Mask" by the Mende People in Southern Sierra Leone presented feminine beauty. They emphasized their glossy black hair. These helmets also show the transition from being a girl into a beautiful adult woman. The specific core value I am talking about specifically is the representation of women in art. This allows visitors to see what women have produced for THEMSELVES. This is a recent form of art, which makes sense because we see a larger representation of women in the present than in the past.

Helmet Mask, Mende People, 20th C.

Art and the Good Life

This oil on canvas, "Tokyo Street with Pachinko Parlor II." presents a chaotic city scene. The Good Life is known to be different for many people. Good life could mean a stable job and family, or reaching enlightenment, or being in busy cities spending money on slot machines. This painting represents the third example just that. This shows the theme of working with other people. Being in a big city provides people numerous opportunities to interact and network with others. The oil canvas only shows only one area of a big city, and even so, still shows the chaotic nature. The artist's goal was to capture the neon lights and the pleasure palace. It adds to my understanding of the theme through the expression of artwork and not just through words.

Tokyo Street with Pachino Parlor II, Yvonne Jacquette, 1985.

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