Carving by: Kaiya 8th period media arts.

The idea for the choosing of my picture was because I love hearts but I didn't want to do a generic picture. The story behind it was I was trying to look for something easy but not too lame because I thought it was cooler than a generic heart but I made it a bit less detailed but still had the basic picture. I wanted to show an "evil heart" , so that's what I looked up.

I used horns to enhance a negative shape to the heart. To make sure it carved well, I put extra layers of sharpie. I changed the wings to a more generic and less small detailed wing. As I worked, I chose to do an evil heart instead of a lovey heart.

The carving machine had a tool that carved my heart into a plate. The steps I had to take was draw a picture, go over it with sharpie, put it in easel, then it came up on the computer so the machine would know what to carve, then I put clips on the plate and it started carving. To prepare my carving, I uploaded it on the computer and then put clips on it to hold it. For it to carve, I needed it in the computer next to the machine and needed it to be clipped to my plate. I learned that all machines need is a code and it'll do what you want it to do.

My project turned out very detailed and exactly how I sketched it. My project turned out exactly how I wanted it because it got the wing and horns details and the red covered everything. I am most proud of the wings and how even the horns came out. I could've improved the wings sizes and it took me long to carve because it was too light so maybe the shade, the most interesting parts were the carving and trying to draw, it was difficult to make the sketch even. My final thoughts on this project is it was fun and easy and not too difficult.

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