Everyday Heroes Volunteers are our rocket fuel

PCAS could not exist without the dedication and effort of volunteers. We're a volunteer driven organization with a mission to improve the lives of people with disabilities. Our volunteers work in every aspect of our organization. They work behind the scenes & on the front line, as coaches, as organizers, as fundraisers, they are the "heavy lifters" that get the job done every day.

Volunteers clearing our rowing channel so our rowers can get on the river.

"It's fun, with a purpose." - John M., PCAS volunteer
It takes many hands and hearts to do the work.

Volunteers take time off from work to give blind high school students a chance to experience cycling.

In between coaching and instructing in our sport programs, volunteers manage to find the time to spruce up the park area around our boathouse.

Training is a big part of our volunteer work. Getting our athletes prepared to connect with the outdoors takes skill and creativity.

Giving a child with a disability a chance to challenge themselves, on their own terms is something our volunteers do every day.

"I leave feeling so good. I am tired, but it's an amazing kind of tired. I know I've made a difference for someone, and can't wait to come back."
"Even when it feels like "just fun," I know I am helping send a message of empowerment that adapted sports is uniquely positioned to do."
Volunteers can change the arc of someones life by giving them opportunities not available to them otherwise.
In every community, there is work to be done. In every heart, there is the power to do it. -Marianne Williamson

Thank you PCAS volunteers, you make the world a richer place.


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