Who was Julius Caesar ? By Javier Garcia #13

When was Julius Caeser born ?

Julius Caesar was born in 100 BC. The main character is Julius Caesar . He was tall and skinny, and he was also brave and strong . This book is about Julius Caeser and about how he grew up . This book was awesome because it was about this man who is brave and awesome , he can Even ride a horse with his arms behind his back .


When Julius Caeser was born he wasn't the only kid in his family he had two sisters that were both named Julia . His mothers was named Aurelia and his father's name was also Julius. When Julius Caeser got older he learned how to Speak Greek and he also read and wrote poetry . Julius Caeser's first wife was Cornelia. They had a baby and they named her Julia just like Julius Caesers Sisters . Then Cornelia (His wife ) died . Then after that he married another woman named Calpurnia, he went away for a while . After , he got together with Cleopatra and had a baby which was a boy , his first boy he ever had and his name was Ptolemy XV ( Ptolemy the 15th ) , but was still married to Calpurnia . Then he died later which was sad for his family.

The End !!!!

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