Beyond Discipline EDSEC 310-A

Chapter 1 The Nature of Children

"What do they require in order to flourish? And how can we provide those things?--- As opposed to, say, How can we make them do what we want?"

1. Control VS. Support

2. Labeling Theory or a self-fulfilling prophecy

Chapter 2 Blaming the Kids

"It is deeply unsettling for educators to have to reconsider their requests and demands, their expectations and rules."

1. What are we asking?

2. Is it reasonable?

Chapter 3 Bribes and Threats

1. Coercion, Objects VS. Subjects

2. Punishment, "Thus, we incarcerate students but describe it as "detention." We exiled them from the community and refer to it as "suspension." We forcibly isolate small children and call it by the almost Orwellian name "time out.""

3. Compliance, Might makes right/ Power struggle

4. Rewards, "Rewards work very well to get one thing, and that thing is temporary compliance"

Work cited;

Kohn, A., & Etc, A. K. (2006). Beyond discipline: From compliance to community (10th ed.). Alexandria, VA: Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development.


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