The Prophecy of the Great Peril By: Sarah Dixon

Chapter 1: The Dream

Once upon a time in another universe, millions of miles away, there was a planet called Algebra. It was full of numbers who could talk, walk, eat, and even cut the cheese. In this strange world was one number, high, yet so young and youthful. This number was bold and didn't quite fit in. The number was odd and a confusing, composite outsider. The poor, lonely number dreamed of being a hero and having crowds yelling his name, "Ocho millones ciento cuarenta y dos mil cinco!" if they were Spanish or "Acht Millionen einhundert zweiundvierzigtausendfünf" if they were German. "If only I had a few friends to help me with my homework!" The young number sighed sadly as he turned back to his math homework. " Word Problem 1: Jenna made 56,000 batches of brownies and cut each batch into 5 pieces. Then Jenna realized she need to make 1,572,401 more batches to cut into 5 pieces. How many pieces of brownie will Jenna have in the end? Word Problem 2: Matt now has 11,398,807 slices of watermelon. He took his starting watermelon slices and cut each into 7 smaller slices. He then ate 4/5 of the smaller slices. How many watermelon slices did Matt start with? " Shaking his head in anger towards the multi-step problems the number grunted sadly.

Late that night as the crisp autumn air sent a rush of wind through his window, blowing the sheets off his bed, the young number shivered recalling every detail of his dream. "Whoosh, the wind had blown through his window when he'd jumped out of bed and leapt out the window, rolling elegantly to break his fall. Then, the number had sprinted down Main Street past the candy shop and Town Hall. Next, he took a left down Bowling Alley, a bright street with neon signs as far as the eye can see. However, unaffected by the lights, the number turned right down Haunted Lane after dashing down the colorful street. Finally, the number halted just in the middle of Hollow City, an abandon city on the side of a mountaintop. The number ran to a dark tunnel in the side of Mt. Hollow, named after the city that sat on it's lowest peak. Clambering into the dimly lit tunnel the number could just make out some ancient script written on the side of a humungous limestone rock." That was when everything became black and he had woken up. Knowing what he had to do, the number slipped out of bed as quietly as he could and pulled on his school clothes, grabbed a light as he left his room.

When the number arrived at the mouth of tunnel he quivered in fear. Shakily he stretched out an arm and grabbed a torch. Carefully the number tip-toed into the tunnel. Realizing how foolish he must look the number straightened out and walked casually over to the rock that bore the ancient writing. Happily, the number realized it was Greek. Glad that he had taken the Greek language course both last year and this year, he read the Prophecy aloud, "Ένας νεαρός μόνος και λυπημένος αριθμός τους οποίους επιθυμεί η προσοχή θα σώσει τον κόσμο της Άλγεβρας όταν μια τρομερή απεργίες κίνδυνο μετά από ένα περίεργο όνειρο που τον οδηγεί εδώ. Τώρα βιάσου σε οκτώ εκατομμύρια εκατόν σαράντα δύο χιλιάδες πέντε, δίκαιη πόλη σας περιμένει την άφιξη και την εξοικονόμηση σας. Σας επέλεξα επειδή τα γενέθλιά μου ήταν σε αυτό το πολύ την ημέρα. έτσι κι αλλιώς ότι είναι εκτός από το σημείο πάει για τους νέους ένα." Dumbstruck by the thought that he was supposed to save the world, the number stood frozen in place. It did say, οκτώ εκατομμύρια εκατόν σαράντα δύο χιλιάδες πέντε, didn't it? After double checking and seeing that it was written there, he knew it was up to him to save the world -- for there was nobody else bearing the same number as him. The hero checked again, however this time through he had also seen why he'd been chosen as the hero and the number burst out laughing hysterically. "Really? He chose me because I'm the same number as his numerical birthday! Good one! It's quite offensive though, it makes me feel like it could have been anybody! . . . Wait it could be anyone, he could have chosen the price of his ice cream cone or however many windows he has in his house! This oracle really doesn't let you feel a hint of pride!" The supposed hero shook his head chuckling to himself. He then froze, deeply shocked and disappointed in his behavior. "What am I doing? My fair world could be half-blown to smithereens by now while I sit here feeling bad for myself!" The soon to-be hero jumped to his feet and bolting out of the mouth of the cave, wondering how he'd gotten himself into this mess.

Chapter 2: The Great Peril

Arriving at the scene of great peril and devastation the supposed hero saw strange symbols, that when found in between two numbers, combined the two numbers into one number. To his horror he saw Mr. Five and Ms. Two be combined when this weird cross-like symbol jumped in between them. They changed into a Seven. Numbers were changing, the numbers were combining to make other numbers. Then, a strange feeling over came the brave number. Grinning grimly he remembered what his math teacher had taught him, the numbers were being added, subtracted, multiplied, or divided. First he had get rid of the symbols then, he would figure out how to change the numbers back to their original forms.

Kicking wildly and swinging his fists the number managed to force the bruised symbols into retreat, the war leader of the symbols had only brought over 10 troops. Grinning as he watched the strange invaders retreat in their space craft he failed to notice the heaps of cardboard they had left behind. The proud, victorious number held his head high until he reached his classroom in the public school he attended. The number sat down and pressed his head against the top of his desk, he sat like that for a very long time, lost quite deep in his swirling thoughts.

This is getting me nowhere, I need to get fresh air and look at the mess outside, the furious number thought. Getting up from his desk and walking to the front door, the number took a deep breath and stepped into the world that was calling for help. The number passed by many shops and houses with broken windows and the occasional shattered roof tiles that littered the streets in small piles. He kept walking until he made it to Main Street where the spacecraft had flown away. His eyes scanned the area looking for something that could help him. It was then, and only then, that the number noticed the piles of cardboard in a corner of an alleyway. Gathering up the cardboard the number began to create a plan to help the victims of the assault.

Chapter 3: The Plan

The number had made a large pile of cardboard in one corner of the classroom and set his pocket knife next to the pile. He then ran to the Town Hall and began climbing up the stairwell that led to the loud bell that could be heard all over Algebra. Ringing the bell and stepping onto the overlook platform so he could give instructions, the number took a deep breath. He then spoke into the microphone that sent his words to everyone across Algebra, "I know you are scared of what is to come." He began as a small crowd gathered at the bottom of the Town Hall gazing up at him with heavy fear laced with hope. "But, I can help you. I have created a plan that may work if you all do as I say." The number continued as more and more people gathered beneath him. "Grab cardboard or wood and cut it into the shape of one of the numbers you were before. And we all know what adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing is. Right?" As the chants of "Yes!" grew, he smiled happily. "Good! . . . Very good. That means you know what the symbols look like. Correct?" They chanted, "Yes!" again. "Then, all you need to do is cut out the reversed stage of the action performed on you. Such as, if you were a 5 and a 2 but, now are a 7 then, most of us know you were added together. So, now cut out a subtraction sign and a 5 or 2, place them next to each other so the symbol comes before the number. To complete the transformation and become two separate numbers lay down at the front so it becomes, 7-5 or 7-2 and you should become what you were before." When the number finished his instructions he saw that the crowd was gazing up at him in complete awe. The number stepped down from the overlook beaming from ear to ear.

The city became a bee hive as the local numbers buzzed from house to trash dump, gathering all the materials. The new hero strolled about wondering what he could have become. If I was multiplied by 39,789 I would be . . .um . . .323,962,236,945. What would happen if I'd been divided by 13/21, guess I'd be 13,152,469.6, a decimal. . . cool! Maybe I could have become 8,141,985.2171 if 19.782878 was subtracted from me . I wonder what I would be if I was added with 1,093/13, Oh yeah. . . I'd be 8,142,089.08, another decimal. . . wish I could be a decimal. Things would have been really interesting if I'd chang- yaawuh! The young hero tried to stifle a yawn but, a wave of tiredness crashed over him as the events of the night caught up with him and he realized how sleepy he was. Trudging back to his house the hero thought about how nice his warm, silky bed would feel against his aching muscles.

Chapter 4: Town Honors

Every number had been changed back to the original two and the numbers wanted to thank their great hero. The city's citizens gathered in a huddle discussing their many ideas and which ones were the best. One old man had been changed twice and was really grateful, so was the poor woman who'd changed with him both times. The pair came up with the perfect plan to show the hero number their thanks. All the citizens got to work right away and began to change the city into the perfect welcoming for the hero, so it could be done by noon. Every single bulletin board had his number across it by the time they were done. One exceptionally bright fellow had even added the hero's factor pairs across his company's bulletin board. The children even decorated the sidewalks with his number using some help from the local artists. By dusk the city was completely decorated in the hero's number and factor pairs. Everyone hid when the hero's door finally swung open and blinking, the number stepped out into the city.

Woah . . . they did this . . . for me? This is . . . amazing! The number felt tears swell up at the brim of his eyes. "Thank you. . ." the young hero whispered as his eyes overflowed with tears and he silently cried tears of joy. A famous crime detective had even put up a sequence to solve on his bulletin board. There were a few missing blanks but, the real point was to find what number fit in as the "?" which took the place of the fifth number. There wasn't really a point to doing the math though. . . everyone knew the number, it was their hero of course. At lighting speed the hero unraveled the not-so-puzzling puzzle using math instead of the obvious. The bulletin board was still neat though, it read,"13027.208, -------, 325680.2,1628401, ?,40710025, 203550125, -------, 5088753125, 25443765625." Then, he saw the big, bold letters at the bottom of the board, "Can you figure out the missing fifth term in the sequence? Hint: He saved our world from a great peril, he's a hero!" I bet a mere child could figure out that I was the number missing! The hero thought, pondering over the obvious. After searching through the sea of kind gestures he found one eccentric dude's gesture. He had hired a mathamatician and a writer to publish a book about ways to create him, the world hero. After reading a page the hero had slipped the book into the recycling bin and said, " Wow, thanks! Great book, I'll finish reading it another time. . ."

100 ways to get our Hero as the answer to a word problem: Way 1: Jimmy had 401,895,890 pancakes. If Jimmy eats 393,753,885 pancakes how many pancakes will he have left? =OUR HERO!!! Way 2: If Edward hits 8,118,882 baseballs and missed 23,123 more baseballs thrown. How many baseballs were thrown in total? = OUR HERO!!! Way 3: If Raine makes 387,714.52381 inches of cake in every pan and decides to make 21 total pans. How many inches of cake will she have in the end =OUR HERO!!! Way 4: Shannon owns 447,810,275 acres of land. If Shannon splits her land in 55 pieces to farm. How many acres of land will be in one piece? =OUR HERO!!! So maybe he had lied when he had said the book was any bit good and entertaining. But, it had worked, the hero had gotten away from the eccentric rich dude, without hurting anybody's feelings, and was able to walk the streets of Algebra again.

One bulletin board in particular that caught his eye. It had factor pairs on it and told everyone what he was a multiple of." Our hero is a multiple of 5,1, and 1,628,401. The factor pairs are 1 and 8,142,005, 5 and 1,628,401." Oh, how the young hero loved math, for it was math that had saved his fair city. He continued to look around and saw that a phone company had posted a phone number that was about the same as himself.

8142005 you are our hero! WE LOVE YOU!

Then, he saw a double sided bulletin board made by a photographer. She had posted two photos, one showed the ocean and the other, well, it was. . .weird. The second photo showed . . .a bird statue.  At least the thought was nice, and that's what really counts. . .they are unique photos though, I'll give her that much! The hero thought with both of his eyebrows raised. However, the point got across. Down in the right hand corner of both photos were red letters spelling out, "AUG. 14, 2005" Cool, she had the photos taken on the exact birthday of the oracle. . .which is also the same date as me! He still thought the idea was weird though. Confused he scanned the photos again seeing if he'd missed anything that could explain the strange photos. Shrugging he dismissed the photos from his mind and kept searching through the bulletin boards, checking out everybody's cool ideas.

The young 8,142,005 was quite touched by all of the local citizens' effort and kind messages. But, his favorite one was a card made by a researcher. The card had two statistics written on the outside and a cute animated Earth on the inside winking and saying, "Even far away organisms can relate to you, hero!" The inside message only made sense because of the statistics. The 1st statistic read, "In 2013, New York's population had hit just over 8,142,005 people." The 2nd statistic read, "In Germany, there are around 8,142,005 cats" 8,142,005 really enjoyed the card and thought the idea was extremely creative. 8,142,005 wanted to personally thank everybody in Algebra for their kind messages, but he knew that it was impossible to do that and instead put his bright mind to the task of coming up with a master thanking plan. He'd have to do that later though, the new hero had a lunch with all of his admiring fans in an hour.

Chapter 5: Overwhelmed

Tears of joy welled up in his eyes and he was on the verge of flooding the city when he saw nearly every famous actress, musician, artist, even former presidents sitting on the edge of their seats clapping when he walked in. The current president stood up to speak and shake hands with 8,142,005. "Thank you 8,142,005, you have saved Algebra! None of us would be who we are today, we might have only been a world of five numbers." 12, the president, said gratefully. All the famous numbers took turns congratulating and thanking him. Personally, 8,142,005 enjoyed all of their words but, he much preferred the locals hard effort and art in the city. The only famous number who understood was a young artist, he was 814 and like the new star, he wasn't trying to attract everyone's attention. The two only wanted to be recognized by a few fans not a whole planet. The artist had just whispered, "Don't worry, it'll blow over soon enough." and then, winking, sat down again.

"Uhh. . ." 8,142,005 was sore and wanted to hide from the world, hide from the fans, hide from everyone except for 814. The young artist had been the only reassuring number. 814 had awaken the tiniest essence of hope tangled deep within his heart's grasping vines. But, any hope was more than 8,142,005 could ask for. Sighing deeply, the hero clambered, trying to escape from the twisted sheets, grumbling he finally fell out of his bed. Angrily, he yanked on some clothes, shoes and vigorously brushed his teeth snapping the toothbrush in two during the process. Glaring at the useless toothbrush like he could laser the junk into more pieces, 8,14,2005 chucked the junk at the wall hoping it would blow up. Much to his disappointment the two pieces of the toothbrush just bounced off, landing with a thump. Picking it up he opened a window and nearly threw it into the unexpecting crowd below. When he saw the crowd the hero cowardly hide beneath the window sill to avoid being seen. His effort was wasted though, a small child had seen him. The girl had seen everything from his anger to his horror when he saw the paparazzi. "Hey, you're my hero! Can't you come out and see us at least?" The girl squealed in her high-pitch whiny voice. 8,142,005 ignored her pleas as he crawled beneath the window and calmly finished getting ready for the long day ahead of him.

To his dismay the hero found that his back door was also blocked by the paparazzi. Crestfallen the hero began hyperventilating. The locals had been nice but, he had forgot about the paparazzi in the north part of Algebra. Glancing up he found himself looking in a mirror. His baseball cap was obviously noticed and so were his Mathus Brand shoes, hardly anyone owned them. Bullies took notice of them and told the truth when they jaunted, saying only hill billies wear those. Taking a deep breath he slide off his Mathus shoes and replaced them with Dividend Alley shoes so he could disguise himself. Then, he took off his baseball cap and placed it on his mantle, snatching up another hat. He then draped a tarp over himself so nobody could read his number. As he slide out the door, 8,142,005 longingly stared back at his favorite hat . When he stepped out the back door he found himself hoping to be another number in the crowd, hoping to blend in. "Blingggg!!!" His phone flared to life carrying a message from 814. "Saw u snuck out. Nice. Meet me at Central Park ASAP! -12" 8,142,005's eyes widened and his jaw dropped.

Chapter 6: The Accusation

"I've been eyeing you for some time now. How did you know what to do when the . . . The Others came?" The president questioned. "Are you in league with The Others?" Shocked 8,142,005 took a step back. "I . . . I never would, I would never even . . ." He stuttered. "Good actor!" 12 said coldly. "Ain't he?" The president said staring into the bushes. "Wonderful, I must say, really put emotion into your words!" Applauded the most arrogant actor he'd met, 99, after stepping out of the bush . . .with 10 of the president's personal bodyguards of course!

"I didn't have any communication with The Others!" 8,142,005 repeated for about the 100th time that day. Pulling his head away from the cold iron bars he sighed. From famous to imfamous! 8,142,005 thought. Maybe. . . just maybe the quiet prison life is better! At least I won't starve . . . or maybe I will, He glanced at his pile of untouched food . . . no, untouched brown mushy glop from the past week.

Chapter 7: The Vistor

"Ssspitt" A sharp sound rang in 8,142,005's ear, jerking him from his lovely dream. "Hey, I can help you!" A familiar voice called. "Whaa-?" He rasped, his voice as hard as steel. "Man, you sound lovely! No, seriously though, I can help you!" The number insisted. "I can prove your innocence!" This got 8,142,005's attention. "Howww? That i- impo-ible!" The visitor was right, he sounded completely terrible. 8,142,005 couldn't even get his "s" to come out. Instead "is" came out as "ih" and "impossible" came out as "impo-a-ibile". "Well, here's my plan . . ." 8,142,005 looked up, finally, to see 814, his artist friend smiling grimly and gesturing for him to move closer so he could whisper it to him. Glancing around 814 made sure nobody was eavesdropping, then he began. Once 814 was done explaining his idea, 8,142,005 shared his grim look. However, he nodded and agreed it was worth it.

All night 8,142,005 was restless and couldn't get a wink of sleep. He was way too nervous for the following day and what was to come. Realizing he wouldn't be able to fall asleep, he gave up trying and sat up his mind rushing with thoughts. I wonder if 814's idea will really work! It was pretty good, but will they buy it? If they don't buy it then I would be sent to . . . well I'd rather not wonder what would happen. Maybe I should just tell 814 I thought it was a bad idea and chickened out! No, he would give up helping me and I'd be stuck here forever. What do I do? Unable to settle his mind, 8,142,005 just sat there staring blankly at the opposing wall wondering what to do.

"Brrringgg!!!" 8,142,005 rang his prison bell. A mob of prison guards ran down to his cell sneering at him. "I would like to request a trial of innocence!" All of the prison guards' faces turned pale as soon as 8,142,005 declared his request. The muttering amongst the guards rose to shouts of argument over what to do then a piercing voice called out over the other voices, "Silence!" A hush quickly spread over the crowd. Then, the president, 12, pushed his way to the front, "Okay, I accept! It is only fair I am the prosecutor of your crime! After all, I am the one who rightfully put you in this cage!" 12's sneering face announced. "Okay, Captain Oblivious. I think we both should pick our witnesses and I'll chose my witnesses of the case. . . I choose the artist 814 as my first witness and one of my adoring fans as witness . . ." He paused appearing, for a moment, deep in thought, just for effect. "Well, let them figure it out. I assume they've been told I'm in jail. Correct?" He already knew that, 814 had told him that it had only made them like him more. Dangerous and brave, he'd said. 12 seemed deeply surprised, but quickly recovered. "Yes, they have. . . I chose my trusty assistant. . . 797, the sheriff. And I chose 99, my friend and actor as witnesses." 8,142,005 had already figured that much, 12 wanted to unnerve him and actors could be good at. . . well, acting. 99 and 797 were both hated by 8,142,005 so that would make him more uncomfortable, especially since both 797 and 99 had been present and part of 8,142,005's arrest. "I thought so . . ." 8,142,005 grinned mischievously putting his feeling away and hoped to sound more confident than he felt.

Chapter 8: Fan Games

Really? I can be my own hero's witness? I will be . . . I know I will! I must defeat the others, it won't be easy but, it is possiblePlus, I have a much better eye than others, I know I saw him almost through a broken toothbrush out the window, even though they say I'm just bluffing and want attention. 2,005 thought hopefully. If I win not only will I be able to meet 8,142,005, I'll be able to prove that he is innocent. I need to win the Fan Games (a game deciding who is the 2nd witness of 8,142,005's trial), I must sign-up now though, only 100 fans are allowed in the contest. Actually, what are the rules? 2,005's face quickly paled and she sprinted out her door joining the mad rush to the sign-up stand. Then, she froze, a grin stretching up her face. She began to run the other way, earning some odd looks in the process. "What are you doing? Registration is the other way!" Someone finally yelled, shocked. "Oh, no it isn't!" She replied smiling mischievously She kept running past her house, past the library, past the candy shop. 2,005 kept running until she made it to a fence. Clambering over it she paused, hesitantly. This must be the right spot, it must! She thought fiercely. After all, this was his last stand. It was also the monsters' last stand! 2,005 realized unsure what to do next. Shrugging 2,005 let her instincts take over, knowing there were no Fan Games, it was just a distraction.

After letting her instincts take over she hardly remembered anything but, what she didn't forget was blurry and insane. She remembered reaching into her pocket and pulling out a coin then, tossing it into the air. The sky had crackled with lighting. The lighting branches had come together, twisting and swirling until nothing but a gold sword was left. It was amazing but, the sword didn't slow. It came viciously cutting through the air, straight at her. Calling on all of her power she raised a hand and urged her power to soar into the sword, slowing the fall. The last thing she could remember was a magical light shining down upon her as the sword slipped into her hand. Then, the powerful wave of vibration had fallen on her. There was nothing she could've done to stop her knees from buckling so she'd just fallen, her vision clouding until everything became black and she'd toppled over.

After waking she was surprised to see herself laying in a temple, surrounded by the famous artist, 814 and her hero, 8,142,005 whom were peering down at her. Like a rocket she sat up and said, "I'm sorry, what did I do? Is this where I die?" Laughing her hero replied, "No, you won, your my witness. It was a test of wits and you passed with flying colors." Shocked, 2,005 found herself unable to speak and she sat there, dumbfounded. "I won?" She said dumbly. "I really won?" She said her emotions mixing in her words. Her joy, anxiety, hope, surprise, and anger all expressed in her three words. "Yes, you did. You were amazing though. I'm very impressed." 8,142,005 informed her happily. "I uh . . . I . . . Oh, thank you!" She said recovering from her stuttering. "Hello . . . game plan anyone?" 814 asked signaling he wanted to move on and that they had better things to talk about. "Oh, yes . . .right!" 2,005 responded failing to conceal her grin. "Alright, I have a few good ideas. First, . . ." They discussed how they would play it out and how to win. They also conspired about the small details and things they might need to know.

Chapter 9: The Trial

It was the day of his trial. 8,142,005 hoped that 814 and 2,005 were ready and that they had gone over everything. The judge whacked his gavel against the sound box and began to speak, "Quiet down, I know you are all excited, for this is an unusual trial. 8,142,005 is being put on trial for apparent conspiracy with the unknown monsters and faking heroism. President 12 is prosecutor of this trial with 99 and 797 as his witnesses. 8,142,005 has chosen 814 to defend him and 2,005 as his witness. We shall begin with President 12. Go when you are ready, sir." The judge's loud voice boomed powerfully over the crowd, daring someone to object.

"Thank you Judge 670, very appreciated! Anyway, my question for you. How did you know what to do to chase the monsters away? Also, how did you know how to reverse the process?" Accused President 12. "Hmph. . . easy. I took math class." President 12's face began to flush red and snickers rose in the crowd, only to stop when President 12 whirled to face them, glaring. "How dare- Oh, yes but how did nobody else who takes math know what to do?" He recovered from his hostile state. "Ha . . .They were caught in the moment for, it was the mathematicians who were attacked first, if you didn't realize." 8,142,005 replied calmly. "Clev- Why weren't you attacked then?" He countered. "Please, be so kind to finish off that first word." 8,142,005 said smartly. "Avoiding my question, are we?" the president said, sensing victory. "Ah, but you are being ironic aren't you?" 8,142,005 pointed out. "Anyway, I shall answer your question, I was in my house up on the mountainside and not in the city like most. Now may you answer my question? What were you going to say?" 8,142,005 turned the tables. "I was going to say, 'Clever aren't you?' but, I realized your thick head won't be able to process a sarcastic insult like that" The President tried to get to the hero. "Pfft, you just tried to offend me so why not before? Were you going to call your own idea clever? Are you accusing me of your actions?" Now 8,142,005 was on a roll. No president or rival could stop him. " I . . . I wa-, I was go-" The President started. "He was going to say that his question was clever. And no, he is not accusing you of his actions, he didn't even do that." The sheriff added helpfully. "Then, how come he didn't just say that before? And why weren't you attacked, you were in the middle of the main attacking spot?" 8,142,005 turned to the President, questioning both of them. "First, he was trying to get under your skin and second he wa-" The sheriff managed before 8,142,005 interrupted "Ba-ba-bap, I asked him not you!" Steadying himself with the table, the President stood. "He is right, he asked me. I pull back all charges and free 8,142,005. Judge?" President 12 began to leave when the Judge said, "Stop, I want to hear more . . . 8,142,005 continue I believe you may be on to something."

Paling President 12 reluctantly sat down again. "Thank you Judge 670! Now if I may continue . . . . Alright then, I challenge trial that President 12 may have conspired with the monsters, as you called them, and proof is with my witnesses, 814 and 2,005." The crowd was watching intently now, not many people still believed their President. Nodding 2,005 began, "I was oblivious to the proof then, only paying attention to our obvious hero, 8,142,005. . ." A few people began clapping and whistling. "if I may continue . . . the clues were all there in the data but, we were all just grateful for our previous lives back and didn't care. But, now I see it. When the President built his new intercom system he included a mineral allowing him to speak to the aliens. After getting over his surprise he must have spoken with them multiple times and somewhere in there they promised to make him famous and powerful, probably rich too. Agreeing to the promise meant letting his people suffer in a war like none other only to be the hero in the end when he came up with the key to changing back. When the attack began he was left alone because he'd agreed, he most likely gave up some powerful weapon in the agreement but, if he was rich and famous it wouldn't matter. However, when 8,142,005 figured out how to save Algebra when he was so close to victory, President 12 got enraged. He put our hero in jail for things he did! Therefore, President 12 is the one who should be in jail, not 8,142,005." Shaking his head he said, "You're right I submit." However, 2,005 was no fool and suddenly yelled, "Hit the deck!"

Chapter 10: Explosions and Gifts

The good news was the blast from the explosion hadn't hurt anyone thanks to 2,005's sharp eye. The bad news was President 12 had escaped with 99 and 797. However, 8,142,005 and his friends were hot on his trail. Builders were fixing up the courthouse and the judge had more than happily pulled back charges and allowed him to go free. The judge was also stalling the paparazzi by sending them in the wrong direction which, 8,142,005 was very grateful for. 8,142,005 had slipped a 200 plus to a messenger whom, loyally, brought the money to the judge along with the Thank You! letter 8,142,005 had written. It wasn't much but, the judge appreciated it after the courthouse being blown to bits.

"We made something for you. It isn't much." 2,005 said picking at the hem of her shirt. 814 handed a small box over. The box was made of wood and had a little red bow to hold the top on. Carefully 8,142,005 pulled the bow off and pulled the cover away, inside was an amazing drawing from the newest action movie. He gasped, his breath momentarily taken away. "Oh . . . Thank you! It's . . . it's . . . it's awesome!" He finally managed, gawking. In his hands he held 814's best piece of art and the fact he'd done it with 2,005 was just too much. "It was meant to be a gift when you were victorious but, we never had the time and we figured it might be a good luck charm so we brought it out." 2,005 and 814 were grinning wildly. "I'm glad you did." 8,142,005 said happily, patting 2,005 on the back and high fiving 814. "Now let's go capture an evil being!" The three friends stood up from the bench and began jogging down the street.

The End.


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