A message from The Team

Our goal is to provide user-tailorable solutions that meet the unique needs of our customers. We achieve this goal by listening to your needs and then incorporating them into our solutions. We have done just that with our Version 8 release and we are excited to show it to you.

NEW V8 WebView Features

Improved User Interface

Cleaner, Faster, and JUST BETTER!

WebView is becoming the primary point-of-entry for many FileOnQ users and we have put a great deal of effort into enhancing it. Our focus for Version 8 has been to give WebView users a more modern interface with faster speeds and features that improve the user experience. We have done this while maintaining the familiar, simple, and intuitive interface users love. If you are not currently a WebView user, Version 8 is the perfect time to upgrade and start leveraging all the benefits it offers!

Tailorable Dashboard

Information you need at a glance

V8 tailorable dashboard widgets display critical information instantly in the format you need. Real-time data and statistics at a glance empower users to make quick decisions and take action.

Available Dashboard Widgets

The tailorable dashboard in Version 8 offers seven different widget types to present your data. All of these widgets have group-level permissions, so users can quickly obtain the information they need for making decisions and taking action. Available widgets are:

  • Bar graphs
  • Pie charts
  • Timelines
  • Gauge charts
  • Counters
  • Text (messages, tips, etc.)
  • Shortcuts (Data within FileOnQ or 3rd party applications)
Dashboard Widget Examples (Shown in WebView’s Night View)


DIGITALONQ TAB: A new tab on the home screen allows you to see a thumbnail list of all the digital evidence stored in DigitalOnQ associated within a case. (Also available in V8 Desktop.)

ENHANCED CASE NUMBER SEARCH: A new field on the Item View page allows a user to bring back a complete list of all items under that case number with the click of a button.

Enhanced Case Number Search

TLS – TRANSPORT LAYER SECURITY: Version 8 provides compatibility with the TLS 1.2 protocol required for CJIS and PCI DSS compliant secure network communications.

ENHANCED LOOKUP FIELDS: Large dropdown lists now load an average of 20% faster.


Currency Counter Integration is Here!

ELIMINATE HAND COUNTING CASH: The currency counter module provides integration with the Cummins-Allison JetScan money counter and the desktop client of EvidenceOnQ. When the machine counts the money, the accurate number of each bill denomination is populated into the corresponding money field on the profile screen. When the record is saved, the system calculates the total.

**IMAGES CURRENCY: Front and back images of each bill are scanned and attached to the record in the eDocs tab of your FileOnQ application.

SERIAL NUMBER CAPTURE: Serial numbers are recorded as a notes log entry for auditing and searching.

COUNTERFEIT DETECTION: Cummins Allison software instantly detects counterfeit currency.

**For image capture eDocs module is required.


Pre-Order now AND SAVE!

MobileOnQ has been rebuilt from the ground up on the Android platform! The software and user interface has been streamlined to be even more user friendly. The new device, Zebra TC70X, offers a more robust and reliable experience when capturing signatures, moving evidence to new locations, and performing inventories. It is ideal for remote locations where a PC and/or signature pad is not easily accessible. All data captured on the mobile device will seamlessly sync to your FileOnQ database.


If you're using an earlier version of FileOnQ, you will gain significant benefits by upgrading to Version 8.

Illuminating Benefits

A few features that are sure to brighten your day

  • Required dependent fields: In previous versions, dependent fields were just enabled or disabled based on the item type selected. Dependent fields can now be required! This setting is made in the control field maintenance section in the desktop client.
  • Export to Excel: Query results can be exported directly to Excel in order to take advantage of all the reporting and macro capabilities of Microsoft Excel. Excel is also a great method for exchanging information with other departments. Exports can be done ad hoc or saved for repeated use.
  • New field types: New field types added to the application: decimal numbers, currency, multi-line text and time fields. New fields enable new functionality - like fields that can be calculated and totaled for currency.
  • Notes security: Control access to sensitive notes and comments within a record without restricting access to the record itself.
  • Query by date: Query by date now includes all date fields, including custom date fields in your application not just the three system date fields of last edit date, creation date, and last transfer date.
  • Edit own records: Users can make modifications to the records they created while it is still in the INTAKE category This eliminates the need for administrators to correct mistakes.