Version 8 SEE WHAT'S COMING in 2019!

A Message From The Team

Our goal has always been to provide you with user-tailorable solutions that empower you and your organization do your job, your way, with confidence and excellence. We achieve this by listening to your requests and needs, and then add them to our solutions over time. We have done just that with this version 8 (v8) release and we're excited to show it to you. If you would like to learn more or get a personalized no obligation quote for your organization, then click the button below.

NEW v8 Web Features

Improved User Interface

Cleaner, Faster & JUST BETTER!

WebView is becoming the primary point-of-entry for many of FileOnQ users, while the desktop version remains the central admin portal. Because of this, we have put great efforts to advance our web solutions for our users. Our focus for version 8 has been to give our users a better web experience with improved speeds, features, and overall experience while maintaining the look and feel users are familiar with. We believe the future is providing a robust web-based solution and we just got one step closer with v8. If you are not a user of WebView, this is an excellent upgrade!

**Webview module is available at a 50% discount if ordered before June 30th, 2019

Tailorable Dashboards

Your data at a glance

Reporting and data analysis is growing more and more critical. What good is collecting more data if you cannot use or access that data to get the reports and statistics you need to make informed decisions?! We have added many new features to make the information you collect work for you by making it available in the format you need when you need it, whether it’s viewing real-time data and statistics at a glance or exporting selected data into Excel for further analysis and formatting.

User-Dashboard Examples

The data shown in these dashboards are examples of how you can display your critical data your way, using a combination of dashboard types shown below.

Dashboard Examples


ENHANCED CASE NUMBER SEARCH: A new field on the Item View page that allows for a quick search of all items in a case from the main screen.

Enhanced Case Number Search
  • SAML - SINGLE SIGN-ON: Now you have access to webview using your Windows login... No additional login required!
  • ENHANCED LOOKUP FIELDS: We have increased the speed with long dropdown lists by over 20%.


Currency Counter Integration is Here!

NO MORE HAND COUNTING: Obtain a count for each denomination and a money total that automatically populates the appropriate record and fields in your FileOnQ Solution.

**IMAGES AND CAPTURES CURRENCY: The serial numbers and images of each bill are scanned and attached to the record on the eDocs tab of your FileOnQ application.

**eDocs module is required but is available at a 75% discount before June 30th, 2019.


If you're using version 6 or an earlier version of FileOnQ you will gain significant benefits that will enhance the capabilities to better manage, track and share your data... your way! See a list of benefits below.

Illuminating Benefits

A few features that are sure to brighten your day.

  • Export to Excel: Create true Excel files which allow for more flexibility in designing useful Excel reports and prevents the accidental loss of leading zeroes in numeric fields. Excel is usually the preferred file format for exchanging information with other departments including ones that may not be using FileOnQ.
  • New field types: New fields have been added to the application: decimal numbers, currency, multi-line text and time fields. This enables fields to be calculated and totaled for currency.
  • Notes security: Control access to sensitive notes/comments and NotesLog topics within a record by defining who can view the comments section and the NotesLog section without restricting those people from the record itself. NotesLog subjects can also be set up for internal property room use and can be hidden from other users.
  • Query by date: Query by date now includes all date fields, including custom date fields in your application not just the three system date fields of Last edit date, Creation date, and Last transfer date.
  • Edit own records: Officers can make modifications to the records they created while it is still in the INTAKE category (prior to the property room receiving it). This eliminates the need for officers to contact the property room personnel to correct mistakes.

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