Photos: A year in review 52 PHOTOS FROM 2018 AT UW-LA CROSSE

Ella Luepke and Drake West take advantage of the spring snowfall and blaze a trail through campus.
Top left, a UWL student propels himself over a snow jump with the aid of a bungee cord. Top right, a drone image from above Goose Island Park and the surrounding coulees after an April 18 snowfall that recorded over 10 inches in areas. Bottom, UWL Cross Country coach Derek Stanley clears snow off the running track for practice after an April snowstorm.

Dawn Wacek, a La Crosse Public Library librarian, presented a TEDx talk at UWL on advocating for fine-free libraries. Her TEDx presentation has garnered over 900,000 views.

Top, Jae Deok Jang, a member of the Danullim Korean Music Ensemble, dances during the UWL Korean Percussion Ensemble. Bottom left, students participate in a drumming master class with the Danullim Korean Music Ensemble. Performers of the Danullim Korean Music Ensemble play music on a gayageum.
Top left, A view of Grandad Bluff through campus. Top right, icicles form on a tree near Graff Main Hall. Bottom, UWL students participate in Campus Clean Up, an annual spring event that brings volunteers together to pick up trash around campus.
A crab apple tree blooms near Graff Main Hall.
Signs of spring blooms across campus.

Students throw their mortar boards in the air in front of Graff Main Hall.

Associate Professor Dave Anderson, Archaeology & Anthropology, leads a group of UWL archaeology students at a site near Holmen, Wisconsin. The site contains refuse pits from the Oneota culture, A.D.1450-1600.
UWL Students Alex Galbraith and Yuanman Ma gather faucet snails from the Mississippi River for their research examining the use of a copper-based pesticide to control the spread of the invasive species.
UWL students in the adapted physical education teaching program work with a youngster to help him become more comfortable riding a bike.

UWL donated school supplies to Coon Valley Elementary. Coon Valley was one of the areas in the Coulee Region hardest hit by the flooding that began Monday, Aug. 27.

UWL student Olivia Shauls washes peas at the Old Oak Farm near Bangor, Wisconsin. Shauls works at the farm and is researching how systems in place for producing and consuming food impact people.

Top left, Students demonstrate different painting mediums during an open studio at Creative Imperatives. Top right, Joe Anderson, Theatre Arts, demonstrates how airbrush technology has enhanced the way makeup is applied. Bottom, visiting artist Michael Houston moves the arm on a character in the stop-motion video set.

Wittich Hall renovations began in July and doors expect to reopen in May 2020. The project is funded through university program revenue.

Top left, UWL welcomed the class of 2022 to campus. Middle left, Stryker Eagle poses with first-year students during welcome ceremonies. Middle right, the Haul-It-Up crew helps students and parents move into the residence halls. Bottom, Chancellor Gow leads the Screaming Eagles Marching band during the "Ice-Scream" social that welcomes UWL's international students.
Students at UW-La Crosse have set a record. Fall 2018 enrollment settled in at 10,569 — exceeding the previous record of 10,558 in fall 2014.
Fall views of campus.

The Prairie Springs Science Center opened its doors in the fall and was formally dedicated on Nov. 15.

Anthony Torres rips open a cob of sweet corn. UWL students shucked 1,200 ears of corn in three minutes and 30 seconds for the welcome back campus picnic.
UWL’s Recreational Eagle Center has expanded, adding a new fitness center, multi-purpose room and more. The addition was funded through student fees.
A Stryker Eagle image is adorned on pumpkin carving.

A fall view of the "mini bluff" near Cartwright Center and Graff Main Hall.

La Crosse was embellished with an early snowfall that left a dusting on the bluffs.
UWL hosted the UW System Regents on campus in December. Gov. Elect. Tony Evers addressed the Regents.
A view of Grandad bluff.
UWL student Jim Hoesley studies in the Prairie Springs Science Center during fall finals.

A aerial view of campus looking toward downtown.


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