Abby Sollars Welcome to the itAlIan, native American, and enGlish culture

My name is Abigail Reese Sollars

I'm from the U.K., Italy, and America
I was born in Michigan U.S.A

My family came here for mostly jobs and religious freedom

Some of my favorite foods are

Gnocchi (no key)

Gnocchi is a noodle with cheese or potatoe

We make it every year


And cannoli

Cannoli is a Fried dough filled with cream filling that can have chocolate in it and can be dipped in chocolate

This is my papa frying cannoli shells

This is me my grandma and my cousin scott filing cannoli

Thats the end of your trip through my cultures

Chokee flag( chair a key), English flag, and the Italian flag

And the food and thingS we do

Thank you for reading bye


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