MUCKRAKING IN AMERICA how media at the turn century led to the progressive era.


a thesis is like an umbrella because it covers a large idea.

Problems have always existed in the United States of America however with the advent of mass media at the turn of the twentieth century, those problems were now brought to all Americans through the power of literature. Novels such Upton Sinclair's, "The Jungle", Frank Norris', "The Octopus" and Ida Tarbell's, "The History of Standard Oil", brought those festering problems of America's slaughterhouses, railroads and big industry to Americans who unaware of them. Once aware, these Americans formed the populous of first the Populist movement and soon after the Progressive Era. Politicians rarely solve problems unless they are pressured to by the voters who put them in power, these novels were the fertilizer of those movements.


The concept of muckraking is not dead, in fact shows like the Simpsons and popular movies like Will Smith's, "Concussion" show us that media still plays an important role in exposing problems in America.


A short explainer of the concept of muckraking, breaking down the thesis to understandable language. Although crude the idea of poop in your backyard can be a powerful analogy for kids first learning the idea.

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