St augustine fish camp San sebastian Riverfront

The Site

Marine District - St. Augustine Riverfront
Project Site and Historic Scallop Industry buildings

Shell Processing buildings from Florida's Scallop Industry Past

West- Receiving docks on water
South property line
River edge / bulkhead
North property edge

The history

Imagery for Inspiration

The Florida & Southern Coast Scallop Industry

Inspiration from the Industrial aesthetic of the Scallop Industry - Steel, wood, cable, netting
Buildings engage the Waterfront
Architectural Forms of the Dock Buildings
Tools of the Scallop Trade
Industy Elements to Inspire Architecture
The Elements of the Net
Materials True to their Use and Function
Steel and Netting

The Vibe

Varying Materials inspired by the Industry
Bow Truss Ceiling as a unifying element to the space
Function Adapts to Existung Form
The Feel of a Working Space
Integrating the Industrial Heritage
Zones defined by Internal building edges
Clean honest Lines
Bright Spaces integrating to Exterior Courtyard

The Transformation

Site Location - Riberia Street

Design Process

Conceptual Diagram
Site Zone Diagram

Original Concept Plan

Floor Plan

Initial Character Studies

Street elevation: Original Scallop processing building with added arched roof and new Barn structure on right. Shipping Containers as end caps.
River Concept Rendering
Street Concept Rendering
River Elevation
North Elevation
Street Elevation
River Elevation
Material Character Study
River elevation with Shipping Containers Dining Area on North
Character Concepts with Shipping Container components
Floor Plan
Original Concept Entry

Final Concept

Entry view
Looking from River

Final Concept Elevation Studies

Street Elevation
Side Entry Elevation
River Elevation
Character Study
Floor Plan
Entry Stairs
Main Elevation
River Elevation
View from Parking
North Elevation
River Elevation
Entry Terrace

Construction by Urban Partners