Inject Creativity Live Deeper Dive Wednesday 8th July 2020

But first... here is the live Chat Show recording!

Our first presenter for this evening...

Craig Daalmeijer-Power

Head Teacher at Nepean Arts & Design Centre, TAFENSW

Adobe XD and Whiteboard

I didn't know Whiteboard existed!!!
XD and Whiteboard

Interactive design ideas and new ways to collaborate in response to a physically distanced world.

"It lets you open up and explore all the different options... by using the Whiteboard app [with students] it has been a timesaver... [students] continually hone ideas".
Screenshot from Craig's presentation - space template menu.

You can invite others to engage in co-editing to create a more organic collaboration experience.

Screenshot from Craig's presentation - the 'Says Think Does Feels' template.

Collaborative thinking through a different process - Crazy '8s

In this space, eight users can work collaboratively to share ideas side-by-side as they brainstorm and 'warm up' their thinking.
Crazy 8s layout template

I would love to use this to collaborate on project planning - I think that giving everyone their own space to scribble is so organic to the creative process.

The Thirty Circles Template, for use with a large class!

A fascinating application to use for staff collaboration and KANBANs, I can see a lot of possible applications for Educational team planning as well as a more realistic tracking tool for group projects for learners, where any learner who tries to act as a 'passenger' can be both encouraged and visible in their engagement.

Our next presenter...

Paul McClean from Rare Innovation

Learner Engagement and Transformation

Paul has been completing (and is soon to publish) research relating to his 20 year review of the idea economy, and his observations relating to a "talent development crisis" in New Zealand despite a large investment in transformative education.

"To what extent does education develop human potential?"

Paul shared a 'snapshot' of some statistics:

  • An aging population
  • a growing student education
  • a shrinking pool of available schools
  • a problematically low per-student funding investment.

His concern is that funding is allocated not for learner development, but is based on status and socio-economic profiles of the localities of the schools.

Labelling students into 'desirable' subgroups has a direct impact on funding. While designed to improve 1:1 learning, Paul McClean points out the lack of benchmarks has led to students being withdrawn in order to avoid statistically problematic outcomes that might reflect poorly on the school.

Adobe Spark Tools:

New Resources Available!

Hotkeys are fabulous, and on 8th July 2020, the Adobe Spark Insiders moderators have released these tools for Adobe Spark Page users on Web!

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