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North Dakota Marksman Excel at Competition

The top National Guard marksmen from Alaska, Arkansas, Montana, Nebraska, Oregon, South Dakota, Wyoming and North Dakota recently competed in the 2019 Marksmanship Advisory Council Region VI Marksmanship Championships at Camp Guernsey, Wyo. The North Dakota National Guard's Alpha Team took home top honors for the eighth consecutive year as combined arms team aggregate champions and overall honors for team rifle and team pistol championships. North Dakota sharpshooters also swept individual honors, with Sgt. Tyler Goldade taking overall and individual rifle trophies and Senior Airman Gavin Rook taking first place in the individual pistol. For more information: N.D. Guard Members Excel at Regional Marksmanship Match. Top Photo: Senior Master Sgt. Wade Swenson, 119th Wing, fires his Beretta M9 pistol on July 28 during during the Marksmanship Advisory Council Region VI Championship at Camp Guernsey.

Top left: Cadre members Master Sgt. Stacey Lockwood and Lt. Col. Ben Cleghorn officiate a rifle course of fire July 26, 2019, during the Marksmanship Advisory Council Region VI (MAC VI) championship at Camp Guernsey, Wyo. Top right: The 119th Wing's Senior Master Sgt. Wade Swenson fires a Beretta M9 9mm during MAC VI competition on July 28. Bottom left: North Dakota Soldierl Sgt. Tyler Goldade fires a 9mm Beretta during MAC VI competition on July 28. Bottom right: Senior Master Sgt. Wade Swenson shows his M9 pistol is cleared after firing on July 28 during MAC VI. (Photos courtesy of Capt. David Bedard, Alaska National Guard)

Air Defenders Annual Training

Soldiers of the 1st Battalion, 188th Air Defense Artillery Regiment have been actively engaged in annual training since Aug. 1 at the North Dakota's Camp Grafton Training Center (CGTC) near Devils Lake. In their first week of training the battalion conducted officer professional development by planning all aspects of a Combined Arms Gap Crossing operation. On Aug. 3, Soldiers from Headquarters and Headquarters Battery, A Battery and Delta Detachment conducted protective mask training in a CS gas chamber at CGTC. On Aug. 6, all of the air defenders conducted individual weapons qualification at Camp Grafton South.

Top left: Maj. Alan Roehrich, executive officer for the 1st Battalion, 188th Air Defense Artillery Regiment (1-188th ADA), leads a group of officers from the battalion in a Combined Arms gap crossing exercise during officer professional development on Aug. 3. Middle left: Officers of 1-188th ADA demonstrate maneuver of the combined force during a Combined Arms gap crossing exercise. Top right: 1st Sgt. Joe Wesson (kneeling), Alpha Battery, 1-188th ADA instructs his Soldiers on proper weapon firing techniques during Primary Marksmanship Instruction (PMI) on Aug. 6 in preparation for weapons qualification. Bottom left: Sgt. Doug Eagon reacts to CS gas exposure during protective mask training at CGTC on Aug. 3. Bottom right: Spc. Dalton Sivertson, Pvt. Jaarel Hansen and Pfc. Ty Boucher of Delta Detachment, 1-188th ADA react to CS gas after removing their protective masks.

Civil Air Patrol completes biannual evaluation

The North Dakota Wing, Civil Air Patrol (CAP), successfully completed their biannual external evaluation Aug. 4, conducted by the U.S. Air Force, which tested the CAP's ability to perform its emergency services mission. During the week-long assessment, CAP flew 21 air sorties in various locations across the state, testing their ability to conduct search-and-rescue and providing aerial reconnaissance and imagery gathering. Both the senior and cadet members of the CAP are volunteers that dedicate their time in doing their part in securing the homeland. CAP is the official auxiliary of the U.S. Air Force and is a 501 (c)3 non-profit organization. CAP supports America's communities with emergency/disaster response, diverse aviation and ground services, youth development, and promotion of air, space, and cyber power. The North Dakota Wing members are organized into seven local squadrons and operate seven powered aircraft, a glider, and 12 vehicles, as well as a state-wide radio network. In addition to assets provided by the State of North Dakota, CAP members steward more than $1 million worth of Air Force-provided assets.

The North Dakota Wing, CAP, gathered imagery from multiple location, including Garrison Dam, as part of its evaluation, which can be used to rapidly assess damages to critical infrastructure in the state. The CAP conducts these missions in support of its local, state and federal homeland security partners.

Aerial view of Garrison Dam photographed by the Civil Air Patrol CAP during their evaluation on Aug. 4.

North Dakota Engineers assist YMCA near Garrison, North Dakota

Soldiers with the Wahpeton-based 188th Engineer Company are participating in a Community Assistance Project at the Triangle Y Camp near Garrison, N.D. at the request of the Minot YMCA. The engineers are removing diseased trees in the camp's shelter belt. This project provides excellent training in clearing and grubbing operations which are on the unit's Mission Essential Task List (METL). Items included in a unit's METL are written requirements that the unit must be able to satisfactorily perform in a combat area. The engineers are working on this project during their annual training period Aug. 1-15

Left and above: Sgt. Jessie Schuler, 188th Engineer Company, operates an excavator to remove tree stumps at Triangle Y Camp near Garrison, N.D. on Aug. 9. The engineers are working on this Community Assistance Project during their annual training period Aug. 1-15.
Soldiers with the 188th Engineer Company train on connecting flatbed trailers during their annual training at Triangle Y Camp near Garrison, on Aug. 9. The engineers are halfway through their annual training period as they work on this Community Assistance Project.

British Sappers Train with North Dakota Engineers

Four Soldiers from the United Kingdom (U.K.) recently traveled to the United States to join the Minot-based 164th Engineer Battalion and its subordinate units during their annual training at Camp Guernsey, Wyo. from July 19-Aug 3. In addition to the Headquarters and Headquarters Company and Forward Support Company of the 164th Engineer Battalion, the 957th Engineer Company (Multi-role Bridge), the 817th Engineer Company (SAPPER), and the 818th Engineer Company (SAPPER) participated. The Soldiers from both countries honed skills in engineer tactics and worked together to achieve a successful annual training period. U.K. and U.S. armed forces continue to work closely all around the world.

Background: Cpl. Christopher Margett works with 164th Engineers during their recent annual training.

Cpl. Christopher Margett (left) and Cpl. Victoria Buckle, were among four United Kingdom soldiers who trained with North Dakota Army National Guard engineers in July.

British Cpl. Christopher Margett (right) helps place wire on the perimeter of the 818th Engineer Company’s administrative area during the unit’s annual training at Camp Guernsey on July 27.

British Cpl. Christopher Margett fires an M240B machine gun while training with North Dakota Army engineers at Camp Guernsey on July 28.

British Soldiers posing with Soldiers from the 818th Engineer Company after training on demolition techniques for breaching reinforced concrete obstacles.

British Soldier Cpl. Victoria Buckles operates a HMEE (High Mobility Engineer Excavator) while filling in fighting positions around the 818th Engineer Company's perimeter.

Over the Horizon Radar VIP Day a success

Top Left: Antennas at the transmit site at Camp Grafton Training Center. Top right: Col. Gregg Jerome, Chief, Office of Science and Technology for Headquarters North American Aerospace Defense Command and United States Northern Command (right), Dr. Michael Eismann, chief scientist, Sensors Directorate, Air Force Research Laboratory, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio. (center) and Maj. Gen. Al Dohrmann, adjutant general, North Dakota National Guard, receive a brief at the transmit sight on Camp Grafton. Bottom left: Mr. Joe Papp, project lead MIT/Lincoln Laboratory, gives an overview to Mr. Randy Richards from Senator Cramer's Office. Bottom left: Mr Dr. Braham Himed, Division Research Fellow for the Air Force Research Laboratory, briefs guests on the receive site at Camp Grafton South.

North Dakota National Guard and the Air Force Research Laboratory teamed up to host the Over the Horizon Radar (OTHR) VIP Day at Camp Grafton Training Center near Devils Lake. Seven organizations to include North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD), United States Northern Command (NORTHCOM) and the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) were represented at the day-long event that showcased the OTHR and the partnership it took to host a research event of this size.

The research project, which is two years in the making, began in early June and will last roughly 90 days. The VIP group received briefings from project experts, and toured the transmit site on Camp Grafton and the receive site on Camp Grafton South, where 20, 100-foot antennas and 160 smaller antennas are located, respectively.

"Working with the North Dakota National Guard has been great, they have went above and beyond anything that I could have imagined,” said Dr. Braham Himed, Division Research Fellow for the Air Force Research Laboratory. "There wasn't much we asked for that they didn't provide, the support at both locations (Camp Grafton North and Camp Grafton South) was unmatched."

“This is an important partnership between NORAD/NORTHCOM, AFRL, and the North Dakota National Guard,” said Maj. Gen. Al Dohrmann, adjutant general. “It paves the way for testing and research on this critical radar system, and also establishes CGTC as a premier research center for future users.”

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