The Rise of Big Business in the 19th Century By bralyn a.

The rise of big business created the most significant economic impact of the industrial expansion from government intrusion impacting society to create large businesses for higher tax income and economic standards.

This change affected people directly to provide jobs, except the lower class worked long hours for less money and no benefits, they were just happy to be making something. Farmers could also mass produce due to the invention of new machines

This affected the country in the sense that it created economic controversy with Great Britain, Germany, and the Natives. Population also rose so there was a higher supply and demand, which means bigger businesses were in need.

"The government redistributed the vast majority of communal lands possessed by American Indian tribes to railroad corporations and white farmers." accessed Apr 26, 2017, Richard White

"But still land hunger of white Americans continued unabated. This led to wars against the Native Americans of the Plains." Accessed Apr 27, 2017,

"Agricultural modernization disrupted family farms...and the social problems that accompanied the nation's industrial development...and unprecedented clashes between capital and labor." Accessed, Apr 27, 2017

"big firms' owners harassed by dozens of state governments and their rapacious politicos, bean to see the wisdom of federal regulation." government/ Accessed, Apr 27, 2017, Robert Higgs

This change was in the nineteenth century. This occurred because government intrusion on businesses and cultures caused Natives and others to rebel.

Progressivism was happening at this time and was sought as ideology reflecting the changing socioeconomic opportunities and hazards brought up by the rise of big business.

These changes affected the North the most as such where most large farms and factories were.

This affected westward expansion for since big business discovering coal, steam, and oil powered factories helped expand in search fro greater mass production, and the was was full of these raw materials, so government pushed natives out for greater tax income of these big businesses.


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