Griffin Klein Botanical Gardens


Coconut palm

Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory

The meat is used



The root is used


Dilates blood vessels

The seed is used


Relaxes muscles

The stem is used

Aloe Vera


Wounds and burns

3. Epiphyte

Little Atro

It can grow off of other trees

5. Kava

Means good will

The root is the most useful

It Numbs on contact, releases tension, become relaxed, and treats anxiety.

It is a gift to get a Kava drink

6. Carnivorous

Venus Fly Trap

The adaptation is that the color attracts prey.

It has to catch prey because it can't photosynthesize

9. Curare

It relaxes muscles

Doctors can use it for paralyzing muscles without stopping the heart. Hunters can use it because it paralyzes what the are hunting

10. Layers

Emergent layer-Tallest layer

Canopy Layer-A protective tent

Understory Layer-Life in the shade

Forest Floor-The lowest layer

11. Climbing

Passiflora x Kewensis

Has spring things to help climb

12. Moss

They are small because they get little sunlight

13. Blond Tree Fern

Seed less because it grow from spores

Bonus Question

Jade Plant

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