The performance of "Revenge" in Poland was a great success. All the actors and musicians performed perfectly.

In the final scene all the Erasmus students danced the polonaise which they learnt during the dance workshops.

The audience was amazed and after the show we tasted some Erasmus cake prepared by our parents.

Some of the scenes were acted in the monastery in Mstów and around the village.

During the mobility we visited the Wawel Castle in Cracow, the Wieliczka Salt Mine and the Jasna Góra Monastery in Częstochowa.

There was an article about our performance on the official website of Mstów commune and a TV programme in our regional TV station.


May was a busy month, dedicated to Polish mobility.

After the final rehearsals we were ready to pack...

The mobility in Poland was great, full of rehearsals, trips and fun.

The final show was a success...

... now we are a big family ...

... and our students returned home with a lot of wonderful memories ...


The Poland group carried out the last rehearsals on drama and music in Turkey and went to Poland for mobility during May.

It was announced that the first and second winners of the 18th and 19th century outfit competition were Turkish students, respectively Zeynep Doğa Engin and Erol Şirin.

Our students went on the rehearsals with the rest of the Erasmus group on the weekdays in Poland and they performed the premiere on the last day. It was a great show with its costumes and decoration.

They also visited the historical places in the programme alltogether and practised some of the rehearsals on these places.

It was also realized that the Turkish students had fun with their hosting families and made a lot of friends.

After coming back to Turkey, our students made presentations to the other students and parents about how they spent time in Poland.


A month full of tasks to accomplish!

Last preparations for the second mobility to Poland.

Valentina, Clara, Francesco, Gaia e Giulia are happy but also a bit worried so let’s have something to eat at the airport!



We arrived in Mstow in the afternoon and the kind polish families were waiting for us.

The following day we met at school ready to work on the “Revenge” story and music together with the European students and teachers.

Here we had the opportunity to live the daily routine of the Polish students, their life at school and to have lunch at the school canteen… and meet special friends!

Best days ever!

A day trip to Cracow and Wieliczka. The weather was not so nice but we had a great time visiting the amazing the salt mine and the famous Jasna Góra Monastery in Częstochowa.

Saturday is coming quickly…our luggage is full of stunning and sweet memories and we never forget the hospitality of the Polish friends and of their families.


Once in Italy the Erasmus team share the experience with the school community during an Erasmus+ dissemination day and we prepare for the next mobilities.


Our participation in the Polish mobility has been an absolute success!

The Spanish girls are very happy with their experience as you can see in this video:

Don't miss the trailer for Zemsta by Aleksander Fredro we made in Spain!

And to put the finishing touch to the Heritage Project school year, we did our own performance of Zemsta in Spain.

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