Cougar Connection January 8th, 2021

quarter two report cards

Quarter two report cards are now available for viewing in the PowerSchool Parent Portal. Please take some time to view and speak with your child about their progress.

cogat testing for 5th grade students

5th grade students will be taking our annual CogAT assessment starting Monday and will continue through the week. The CogAT assessment appraises the cognitive development of students from kindergarten through grade 12. The test measures students’ learned reasoning abilities that are learned in and out of school. The questions in the assessment require students to demonstrate their reasoning abilities in the areas of verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, and nonverbal reasoning. Additionally, this assessment is used as one of the pathways for high ability identification in GC schools.

support professional's day

We are dedicating Friday, January 29th as Support Professionals' Day to give thanks to all of our instructional assistants, cafeteria staff, and custodians. We have amazing staff! Please consider showing your appreciation for these dedicated groups of people on this day. We really appreciate these hard-working folks on a daily basis, as they are a vital component to making Greenfield Intermediate such a great place for kids. For more information, please ask your child’s teachers how you or your student might show appreciation.

(Reminder) 2020-2021 GIS Snow Day schedule

The recent two-hour delay really sparked us to make sure we advertised some changes to our scheduling in the event of a school closure due to weather. As you know, Greenfield-Central will most likely consider a weather-related closure a "school day" and will count as one of our 180 instructional days for the year. You will see from the schedules that students will have dedicated times throughout the day they will be expected to interact with their teachers and classes. This is significantly different than prior "eLearning" days we've had in the past. You can find the schedules below. Additionally, below you will find updated guidelines and expectations for when/if we have to close.

General Guidelines

  • Attendance in a virtual setting will require the student to be visible in a live Google Meet with the teacher at scheduled times.
  • Assessments may be expected to be completed in a live environment (microphone on and be visible on camera).
  • Students will be expected to use Google Classroom & other various online learning platforms/curricula.
  • Students are expected to follow the daily and hourly schedule of classes.
  • Teachers will communicate which assignments/assessments should be completed independently. By doing so, this allows the teacher to see where students need additional support.
  • Teachers will hold office hours each day from 2:10-2:50 to answer any additional questions students may have.


  • Every student will be provided with a school-issued device for the sole purpose of completing virtual learning.
  • The device must be kept in working order and is not an excuse for missing work, class, etc. If you have technical issues with your school-issued device or specific program on your student’s school-issued device, please use the help ticket icon on your iPad to submit a help ticket or email support@gcsc.k12.in.us.

Student Expectations

  • Dress appropriately based on the student handbook guidelines.
  • All assignments must be completed at the assigned deadline. Any exceptions must be approved by the teacher.
  • Students are to be available during the regularly scheduled hours and days of school or time set forth by the teacher(s) of record.
  • Students must ask/email questions to the teacher prior to 4:00 pm for an answer the same day. If a student emails the teacher after 4:00 pm they can expect an answer the next school day.
  • General school rules and regulations will be followed in the virtual format.

Parent Expectations

  • When parents have questions or concerns regarding content, they are directed to contact their child's teacher(s). Please note that email messages sent after 4:00 p.m. may not be answered until the next school day.
  • Live instructional sessions are reserved for students only.
  • A learning environment should be provided for students that is free from distractions, like toys, electronics, and other outside responsibilities.
  • Although parent facilitation may be necessary, the learning experience should be student-driven.

Cougar Code

At Greenfield Intermediate School, our students follow our “Cougar Code.” You can help by reinforcing these at home with your student! The daily expectations at GIS are simple:

  1. Be Respectful
  2. Be Responsible
  3. Be Ready to Learn

Profile of a graduate

It’s never too early to start preparing for graduation! Greenfield-Central has identified characteristics we would love to see in all our students by the time they graduate from high school. We call the collection of these characteristics the “Profile of a Graduate.” I’ve attached a digital copy of this document for you to look at throughout the school year. Each month, GIS will be focusing on one of these characteristics.

Upcoming dates

  • Blue or Gold Day?: Monday will be a GOLD Day
  • Quarter Two Report Cards Available: January 8th
  • CogAT Testing For 5th Grade Students: January 11th-January 15th
  • Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day: January 18th (No School)
  • NWEA Middle-of-Year Assessment: January 21st-February 3rd
  • Support Professionals' Day: January 29th
  • Cougar Spirit Day: January 29th


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