BookFlow Sessions The one-hour conversation to calm your writing chaos

Your path to being published starts with more clarity.

Lauren Taylor Shute Editorial has helped hundreds of writers around the world develop their ideas, perfect their manuscripts, and find representation for their work.

Your book could be next.

Illuminate your path to success by booking a private BookFlow Session with a professional editor to:

  • Tease out a book idea to see if it is worth writing
  • Create a strategy for writing your book that takes into account work, family, and creative energy
  • Explore creative obstacles such as writer's block, loss of inspiration, and procrastination
  • Gain energy and momentum for a project that has stalled
  • Assess if your book needs more work, or is ready to be taken to market now
  • Strategize the best way to get your book seen by agents and publishers
  • Learn about the differences between trade publishing and self publishing, and discuss which option might be best for you

Buy now, book when you're ready: BookFlow Sessions are valid for up to 12 months after purchase.

Meet your editor

Lauren Taylor Shute has helped hundreds of writers around the world develop their ideas, perfect their manuscripts, and find representation or publication for their work.

She is the Founder and CEO of Lauren Taylor Shute Editorial Inc., a full-service editorial firm based in New York City, serving as the editorial heart and expertly guiding every book under her watch from idea to shelf.

With experience in some of the top publishing houses in the industry, she and her team of editors work directly with writers of both fiction and nonfiction through every stage of the editorial process.

She speaks regularly at writing conferences and has been featured in Forbes, Fast Company, and Glamour magazine.

"Lauren's enthusiasm for books is infectious. She brings authenticity, a good sense of humor, and a little bit of inspirational sparkle to everything she does."

- Leigh Stein, author of Self CareLand of Enchantment and The Fallback Plan

"Lauren knows the publishing industry inside and out. I never would have thought about half the things she brought up if I were on my own, nor would I have gotten half as far."

- Lisa Roepe, journalist and writer for Forbes, Fast Company, The Week, Quartz, and more

"Lauren put me at ease and made me believe in my book all over again. The writing process is a lonely journey, and her reassurance that my manuscript [had value] was invaluable to me. I'm honestly at a loss for words to describe my gratitude."

- Liz Posner, writer for The Washington PostForbes, Salon, Bustle, and more

The Value

The elusive world of publishing can be incredibly overwhelming for writers who want to share their work.

Whether you're starting to consider writing a book or have a finished manuscript on your desk, you need honest, actionable advice on how to create your best book and get it on the shelf.

Illuminate your path to success by booking a private BookFlow Session with a professional editor who can tell you exactly how to bring your book to life.

Included in your one-hour BookFlow Session:

  • Guidance from a publishing insider who can answer your deepest questions and give honest, real world advice and inspiration
  • An objective assessment of your ideas
  • An individually-tailored action plan with specific steps to help you achieve your publishing goals
  • Your own personal copy of the recorded session to go back and reference at any time


  • A peek inside the evolving world of book publishing
  • The confidence that comes from knowing exactly what you need to do next
  • The calm focus and motivation to make it all happen
  • Buy now, book when you're ready: BookFlow Session are valid up to 12 months after purchase.

Price: $220

And that's not all! For a limited time, writers who reserve a BookFlow Session will receive a FREE 15 minute follow-up call two to four weeks after the session. Your chance to discuss progress and troubleshoot setbacks (regularly priced at $55) is now yours for free!


I'm ready for a full manuscript edit or proposal creation. Should I book a BookFlow Session?

Well first of all, congrats! If you're looking for more intensive editorial work and are ready to book, submit a contact request and we'll have a conversation about exactly what you need and how you might work with the team at Lauren Taylor Shute Editorial.

I'm buying a BookFlow Session as a gift for someone. Do I have to schedule their session for them?

Not at all! When you buy the session, you'll receive a gift certificate that has a code they'll use to book the session. They can schedule their session anytime that suits them within a year of purchase.

For any other questions, email contact@laurentaylorshute.com

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