Does Water Bend By Itself? By: Sara Peery

Does water bend By itself?

YES, it does. You can Click below To find out how.

What will you need for the experiment?

You will need:

  1. A faucet
  2. A balloon
  3. Something fuzzy to rub on the balloon (e.g. hair, sweater, blanket, etc.)

What are the steps?


  1. Fill the balloon with air.
  2. Take the balloon and rub it on the fuzzy item.
  3. Hold the balloon near the water.

What Should You Expect?

When you watch the experiment you should see the water turning towards the balloon and here's why. When the negatively charged balloon comes near the water, it repels the electrons in the water, so that the side of the water nearest the balloon then has a positive charge. The attraction between this positive charge and the negative charged balloon results in a net force* on the water, bending the stream of water.

* net force: overall force acting apon an object.



Created By
Sara Peery


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