Mesoamerica: The Mayan Civilization By Hiba Qazi

Many believed that the Mayan civilization shaped the structure for the many civilizations after that, but there were people before the Mayans. The Olmec's.

The Olmec's were the first people to live in Mesoamerica, so the structure of civilization was shaped by them. The Olmec's lived in what is now known as south-central Mexico. They left many sculptures and they left many buildings. They are great sights to see for sure!

This is one of the many things that the Mayans/Olmecs left here!

Description of a sculpture: The head has a large nose and large lips that are tilted. The nose is scrunched up and the person looks mad. They have a headband on their head that has some sort of design. I can’t tell what it says.

The Olmec's made great trade routes that lasted centuries and are now used as walking trails. They made great settlements that people can see while walking on the trade routes.

Fast forward a couple years and we see the Mayans. They are discovering this land and claiming it as their own. They Mayans were very interesting, and they did a lot of things the same as the Olmecs.

Here is a description of two different statues: 1. There is one sculpture that looks like a man who is crouching down and he is wearing a robe to cover his no-no parts but no shirt at all. 2. One wall on the outside of a building looks like it has a bunch of tiles on it, and each tile a

They Mayans used the same trade routes as the Olmecs so they didn't make their own.


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