Canada the best it has to offer

Equal rights- Canada passed the Canadian bill of rights in 1960, this was issued by the Canadian Federal Government. The bill of rights provided basic human rights and freedom to people. This was the first federal human rights law in Canada (Rights and Freedom). Some laws can be repealed or changed (Rights and Freedom).

I think that Equal rights are important because, Canada have very limited discrimination and racism due to equal rights. Also its shows how every human deserves respect from others.

Health care- Canada has very good health care which was created in 1867 in the Constitution act. This is a group of socialized health insurance , and it provides insurance to all Canadian citizens. People are provided with medical treatment, an fun fact is that Canada's human life expectancy is 80 years old (Canadian Health Care)

I think that health care is important because in most countries most people die from being sick or die because of no medication. Since Canada provides free health care there are less fatalities.

Good ecosystem- In Canada the government started to improve the way of the ecosystem in 1992. This movement helps Canada achieve environmental result through partnership (Environment and Climate Change Canada)

I think that the environment should be taken care of because its the main factor that keeps human's alive.


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