C4's Character design And Bubble tea

This one is blueberry!

Delicious bubble tea! Comes in most flavors! (Besides the wierd ones like pistachio or something.)

Our computers are super fast, great for designing!

Design 3D models on a computer!

This is one of my personal OC's, and remember, you don't have to use computers, you can draw too!

OC's of any sort welcome! (OC's are original characters that belong to a specific fandom/game.)

Hi, I'm Lilly, creator of C4 Character Design and Bubble Tea. In our cornerstore like building, we encourage everybody to let their inner artist out! You can find computers that are fast and great for 3D models and character designs! You can also draw if you would like! We also serve most flavors of Bubble Tea! It's really tasty! You see, I had a dream of creating this business when I was twelve. I am twelve. Thank you for reading this.

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