Andrew Carnegie Captain of industry or robber-baron... Written BY JUdy HAn

Carnegie the Robber-Baron

Carnegie is a robber-baron because...

The workers had to operate in dangerous conditions while having low income.
While an average worker gets paid a dollar and forty cents, Carnegie has $310 billion dollars,($480 million dollars in modern day). He could've donated the money to charities and raised the workers wages, but instead, uses the money on overly expensive houses and unnecessary, lavish items.
Henry Frick ignores the protests of the workers, and creates a horrific reputation on Carnegie, but Carnegie should've been informed. There is no way Carnegie wouldn't of known about the complains, because it would've been on the newspapers, but he ignored the poor workers just like Frick, so he is just as guilty. Carnegie probably fires Frick to create a better reputation for himself, therefore making him selfish and a robber-baron.
Various companies donate and give to charity during their success and still is very successful. If Carnegie was a Captain of the Industry, he could've donated during his success or raised the pay of the workers and still be the richest man. Instead, he gives away money at the end of his career because he doesn't need it anymore, therefore, he is a robber-baron.
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