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How to make a script .

You dont wanothing to talk about. If you dont have a topic that mean you have no story. The next step is you need to make a script is you need a. Character. A character is a big part in a story. You need to make a character that have a different act like for example, my character is mean or nice.

The third step is the make a conflict. It would make it more interesting. The fourth step in a you need to find out what the character wants for the plot. It would make sense with the problem. And the last and final step is you need to solve the problem in the beginning.

Thats how you make a script. If you make a script theirs step you can make the best story ever. It would be interesting for the audience. And one day you script might be on board way. I hope i help you on making a wonderful script.

This is the direction of the stage

The stage

Its alot of thing in theater that important. One of the thing that important is the stage. Theater is known for someone preforming on a stage. There is alot of interesting place to a stage. Im going to tell you the things thats on a stage

The first interesting thing on a stage is the wings. Wings your asking. Well not these type of wing. Its the curtains. The curtain help the character get ready for their time to come in.

The next interesting thing is the audience. That's the important things. Audience means the assembled spectators or listeners at a public event, such as a play, movie, concert, or meeting. The audience is even interesting to the actor. It helps for their blocking.

The last interesting thing is the stage directions. For example stage left and stage right. Usually actor put the stage direction on they script. It helps so the actors to move where it make sense. The directions makes the story.

A tv show and a live show

TTv shows and live show had some similarities, but also many differences. They both have a big audience . However , tv show are pre-recorded. Some tv shows like the news is live. But live shows you can go see. Many people love live show because its better to see in person but some differ.

Live show have audience that pays To go and buy tickets to see it. Tv shows you have to wait until the next time it comes on. Alot of time you have to wait to go see a live show. Many people enjoy live show but y tickets run out quickly. But tv show dont need to have tickets and you don't have to pay for them either.

In contrast they all have people loving it and people watch. People spend alot of money to go watch their favorite live performance. And they both have wonderful actors. The actors in a tv show and a live show still have line. The actor still studying their character. Its really interesting how different and similar tv show and a live show.

This video show how to put in emotion. Putting emotion is important to the acts. If they dont have lines. You can make a story. It also many websites like, and many more.

  • Blocking - is when you setup a place that your character will be.
  • Cold reading- a reading of a script done by actors who have not previously reviewed the play.

3 questions about theater.

What the cutains called ?

Can tv shows be live ?

What is the first step of making a script?


  1. Wings
  2. Yes
  3. Have a idea of what it's going to be about.
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