Modern Fisica Review

General Relativity

Einstein came up with general relativity. But the only problem was is that it doesn't fit with quantum mechanics. The math made sense for both ideas, but together they don't add up. General Relativity is the concept that space is like a blanket of sorts and when something heavy is in the middle of the blanket the blanket shapes and bends, that's gravity. so that slope in the blanket is what holds things in orbit

Quantum Mechanics

Quantum mechanics works with the really, really small. Think 10^-12. At this level of tiny, time doesn't exist. Neither does direction, everything skips around, you can be forwards and backwards at the same time. It doesnt make sense. But There is math to back it up.

All these forces make up everything we know. Strong nuclear holds atoms and particles together, weak nuclear repels them, gravitational is an extremely small force that works on the huge scale and electromagnetism is protons and neutrons. Light and gravity travel at the same time according to general relativity.

String theory brings all these forces together to make the theory of everything. It puts all the math together to make one big equation. There are some flaws with string theory, the fact that in order for this to be true, we need to things that are hard to wrap our minds around. The math suggests that we need a particle that moves faster than light and we need 10 dimensions. Also this theory cannot really be tested or proven because we dont have the technology yet. Time will only tell.

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