the grinch A poem typed by someone with a stubborn spacebar and few images to choose from.

the gr inch smelled like fis h

and oft en forgo t to fill max s dish

he woul d be o ut all nig ht and day st ealing presents

a nd forgot to pla y with ma x who ha d been scari ng aw ay peasa nts

the grin ch sur e was a me an one

his te e th wer e as ye llow as yellow s now

ma yb e that s w hy he w as so u nhappy

h i s te eth were a lso gapp y

the gr inch stole a ll the gif ts

f rom people w ho di dn’t expect it

he pref ere d doi ng this to shoplift ing

beca use he had t o use his w its

the grin ch wo uld wi ggle dow n their chimneys

or b rea k a w indo w when h e had t o

an d the n he would ge t bus y

b ut he nev er too k the ir sh amp oo.

like i said before the dude smelled bad.


Created with images by ErikaWittlieb - "grinch green christmas" • mStreetPhoto - "Miss You" • renaissancechambara - "Grinch" • - "Gift" • JeepersMedia - "Head&Shoulders Dandruff Shampoo"

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